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VOR is a bunny. His avatar used to depict a flying kitty also named VOR, but nowadays it depicts one face or another of Lemurteam. He spends most of his time in VOR's Happy Corner, but is often away on trips to Venus. He is currently a Deity, and his ascension party was attended by all the bigwigs in the local pantheon. He enjoys RPs, long walks on the beach in the moonlight, the sweltering poisonous fumes of Venus, and writing for evil characters. He has not worn socks since August 12 of 2006. He technically holds moderator powers over this wiki, and, though he's not really exercised them to date, he reserves the right to abuse them if the mood strikes him. His clerics have access to spells from the Demonic, Sloth, or Earth domains.


VOR's got a lot of characters.


  • VOR is the proud inventor of Ssnikts, Procrastianism, Archoi and Zombie Salad.
  • VOR commonly mistakes Anti-Paragon for Ann Pertchin (but then, everyone does).
  • VOR secretly desires to have Dimitri Dul Neru eat Lommy in a single bite.
  • VOR lives in the Aforementioned Mountain, which contains Paradise on its summit, and flees there when RL keeps him from posting.
  • VOR is not an anthropomorphic hamster. Nor is he a lemur, despite often being mistaken for one.
  • VOR will appear in Heroes of Mayhem as Vor, a lemur spirit, and Lord of Wind.
  • VOR's moderator powers result from his initial creation of the Wiki, upon Piebunny's suggestion.
  • VOR created the Wiki before anyone else who was more qualified for the position took it.
  • VOR is not at all the type of person who should be trusted with a great deal of power.
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