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A story by Jesse_God_of_Awesome, it is set in the land of Mayhem, which is supposedly made of 6 island-continents arranged to look like the Wiccan star (a five pointed star with an island-continent taking up the middle), each island-continent carrying a theme that correlated with the Wiccan star (Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Spirit, and the Greek classical 'Aether' used for the middle IC). The story is promised to cameo as many Mayhemers (and anyone else from Keen Forums) as the author can muster, including Cameo herself.

It is currently in the midst of a crossover with The Ed Bunny Mysteries.



  • Quadraxis is an inter-dimensional demon and self-proclaimed Lord of Darkness and Void.
  • Paradox is the perpetrator who 'enlisted' the help of the heroes by summoning them from their respective dimensions. He is the Lord of Light and Aether but is now just a bound sorceror.
  • Kum-El is featured as one of the main characters. He is a she, but isn't supposed to be. This was done because the real Kum-El is female, and Jesse thought this was a nice inside joke.
  • Cameo is feautured as a main character. A sorceress specializing in Electromancy (another inside joke since Cameo envisioned her character to have electrokinesis, but the author always envisioned her as a magic user).
  • Darth Atescu is obviously Grim Atescu, another main character. The author originally planned him to be a Jedi instead of a Sith since Grim's avatar looks like Obi-Wan, but Grim requested to be a Klingon. Jesse accepted and figured a Klingon would make a Sith, thus Darth Atescu was born.

Comparison with The Ed Bunny Mysteries

It was, in fact, Heroes of Mayhem that inspired Piebunny to write his Ed Bunny Mysteries, however the two authors handle their stories somewhat differently. The following is a fairly accurate comparison by Jesse himself of the two different authors' styles.

The Ed Bunny Mysteries

Piebunny: Hmm.... I think Kum-El will fit in here and... uh.... hah, don't need to use this gal... I can use him...

Anonymous Bunny: Mista Pie Bunny, may I have a cameo?

Piebunny: No, you wouldn't fit into teh story.

Heroes of Mayhem

Jesse: Must. Fit. As. Many. Cameos. And. Scenes. With. Naked. Cameo. As. Possible.

Anonymous Bunny: Give me a cameo in you story. Now.

Jesse: Of course, I'll fit you in.... somehow.

Cameo: JESSE! Are you writing scenes with me in the nude, again!?

Jesse: Eep...

Current Status

This thing is dead. Don't wait for it to update anymore. - Jesse

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