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Kum-El is both a Bunny and a character within the Mayhem Forum.


Kum-El the Author

Kum-El the Author is a Marine currently stationed in Hawaii. While this is kind of nice, it's also on the opposite side of the country from home, which is in New York. She (yes, she) is involved in several of the roleplaying threads currently active on the forum, as well as a few that have fallen by the wayside. She also has a tendency to hand out pewter figurines to people on birthdays and upon reaching post count milestones. These usually take the form of the EGS cast, but there are variations.

(She's a marine!? OMGasm! - Jesse)

Appended Notes:

Kum-El has realized/decided he is transexual. (Kum-El: Possibly the only one in history to be so thick that it took him 25 years to get it even with all the rather obvious signs.)

  • Nobody else has really been surprised.

Kum-El is adorably cute, though he will argue the fact at nauseum.

Update on 09/03/2007: Kum-El is still adorably cute, and has since given up arguing the fact. (Kum-El: If only because I'm never going to win the arguement.)

The Author's dad after finding out: "Now I've got the son I always wanted." (It sounds better if you know my dad and can picture him saying it in a half-joking voice as he gives me a hug.)

The Author's mom, same timeframe: "We thought you were going to tell us you were gay." (Even my -parents- knew something was up before I did...)

Further Update: Now a civilian, having received his honorable discharge. And going to college in the fall for Criminal Justice.

Kum-El the Character

Kum-El the Character is the younger brother of one Kal-El. In addition to his Kryptonian name he's known variously as Kent, E.C. and 'Hey! You in the Superman shirt!'. Having spent some time with the CRFH!!! Boardies before migrating to Mayhem, he's developed a couple of extra abilities, thanks to the Board's ambient weirdness. The main two are pockets that seem to be linked to a version of Hammerspace, and a 'convenient skylight' that can appear wherever it's needed, regardless of whether or not there's actually a ceiling.

Currently he's working at Kylen's Bar as the bouncer.

He recently married his high school sweetheart, though Mike and his friend Adam had to come grab him from the Bar to make sure he was on time for the wedding. Their son Chris has just been born over on the CRFH!!! forums.

Various events at Fort Mayhem have led to a Plushie version of him, now named Zan-El/Brian Kent.

Thanks to a warthread, he now has a pet elephant. It's been named Shep.


  • Kum-El Staranos: A dimensional alternate of Kum-El who grew up in the Star Wars universe. He's best friends with a Jedi and occasionally gets possessed by a Spirit named Matekah Eranhu.
  • Edward Christopher Kent II: Usually called "Chris"; the son of Kum-El the Character, who appears in the Grassvale Town RP.
  • A running joke among several of the other RPers is the seeming inability of Kum-El the Author's characters to stay single for long. This is now a Law of Mayhem Physics.
  • Kum-El appears in Heroes of Mayhem as a half-Kryptonian accidentally turned into a female.
  • Kum-El is a rabid fan of Ed Bunny, PI and appears in it as Kum-El the character.
  • The reaction of pretty much the entire forum to learning Kum-El the Author's gender was "Kum-El's a girl?" (Kum-El: Thus proving that the entire forum's brighter than me.)
  • Now appearing in Aspects as Sir Kum-El, who, naturally, is paired up with 10 in accordance with the Laws of Mayhem
  • Also appearing in These Colours Don't Run as Kum-El, bodyguard of "The 'Smith", Ten.
  • A member of the crew in KylenPhylar's pirate fic, Wolf of the Seas.
  • Yet another appearance as the dragon Ecke in TingYi's fic.
  • Now the GM of four RPs, Meta-Human Twilight, Welcome to the Jungle, Bandits!, and Legends, sign up today!
  • I've got a Deviantart page! Go check it out, please... [1]

RP Characters

  • Various versions of Kum-El/E.C.
  • Chris Kent
  • Kit Archer - Inactive, CM
  • Will Page - Inactive, CM
  • Mike Kent - CM version inactive, Bar version likely to show up at any time
  • Seamus O'Rourke - Inactive, CM, Active in Deap RPs
  • Travis Kent - Inactive, MG
  • Alexi Carver - Inactive, HW/MG
  • Ivan Carver - Inactive, MG
  • Anastasia Carver - Inactive, MG
  • Mikhail 'Misha' Carver - Active, WW
  • Tory Jones - Inactive as of the death of Psion
  • Kent Donavan - Same
  • Alex Kingson - Inactive, City of Twilight
  • Jhon Al'Gahon - Inactive, but will be back if there's a Drifters IV
  • Sean Kent - Active, MHT
  • Ty Kent - Active, MHT
  • Martin Ross - Active, MHT
  • Tyrone Jarda - Inactive, SSI
  • Kestrel Jarda - Inactive, SSI
  • Jon Kent - Inactive, SSI
  • Jesse O'Sullivan - Inactive, SSI
  • Dhali Samatman - Once again inactive, Discworld
  • Chaim Silvernail - Inactive
  • The Millers (Brooklyn, Puck, and Liam) - Inactive, AM
  • James Mayhew, Lord Stanford - Inactive
  • Trahes sat Davehdan - Inactive
  • Tam Solingert - Inactive, Bar
  • Bry Garr - Inactive, Bar
  • Spotifer S. Leopard - Inactive, Bar
  • Kevin Brooks - Inactive, Bar
  • John Koh - Inactive, CfM
  • Ian Phillips - Inactive, Convergance
  • Juhtan sat Dosta - Inactive, PH
  • Matrim - Inactive, PH
  • Adair Tucker - Inactive, HG Wells
  • Jasper Ra'sal - Active, MS
  • Kevin Vasa Knight - Inactive, Twilight Symphony
  • Ty Gar - Active, WttJ
  • Jag Waur - Active, WttJ
  • Gavin Embries - Inactive, Wingies
  • Trevor Danvers - Inactive, Abducted!
  • Ice - Inactive, Abducted!
  • Gregory Richter - Inactive, Abducted!
  • Alan Ravenhair - Active, Bandits!
  • Arik Waters - Active, Bandits!
  • Lawrence Patrick FitzGerald III - Inactive, VHS
  • Damien Ancharstrand - Inactive, VHS
  • Adam MacCarrick - Active?, Creation 3
  • Ric Andrews - Inactive, 20S
  • Eamon FitzPatrick - Inactive, Fey Academy
  • Matthew "Lucky" Roberts - Active, Orphanage
  • Dylan Larkin - Active, Second Children
  • Mark Smith - Inactive, Immortals, Active, Dead RPs
  • Kyoshiro Suzuki - Active?, Shonen
  • Takahashi Ichiro - Active?, Shonen
  • Devlin O'Grady - Active, Legends
  • Ryan Fierro - Active, 20's
  • Pvt Chase E. Be'shar - Active, Galactic Empire
  • Avatar Gatl - Active, MFPC2
  • Kahven ben Myka sat Joheh - awaiting the start of Recidivism Institution
  • Mackensie Campbell - In development
  • Gene Spectre - In development
  • Riordan - In development, also in need of a last name
  • (Yeah, lots of Kents...)
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