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World/Continuity-Altering RP Events

RL Mishaps That Interfere With Posting

Umm... as a likely result of the massive amounts of posts within Last Post Wins, the forums kinda broke. On a higher note, feel free to congratulate OzLionHeart for winning. Okay, it seems to have been fixed now. Carry on.

For those curious, you can see the Temporary LPW thread here.

Eulogies for Fallen Characters

Smackamole: Sister to the in-LPW!!!!!! character, Whackamole. While younger than he, she had already devoted several thousand years to study and learned a great many skills and spells from a little-known bypass of the universe. This allowed her to do nigh-anything, which came with a small price.

No, it didn't, which is why it didn't make good RP'ing.

Her underground fortress collapsed when an assisting character attempted to dispel magics on an attacking Golem. Instead of disenchanting the Golem, it removed Smackamole's Earth Command spell and forced the cave to crush her. She teleported out the Dispeller at the last moment, sacrificing her own life. It is unknown if she wanted to die, but Whackamole claims he heard her Mindspeak to him moments before her demise. "Goodbye..."

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