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The Ed Bunny Mysteries are a series of fanfics by Piebunny based on the Mayhemmers. In the stories, the central character, Ed Bunny, investigates the mysteries of the people of Mayhem City and catches da poips responsible. An important artifact in the storyline is the Maltese Terrier, a chunk of Dewitchery Diamond carved into the shape of a dog, which appears in the first story and is the central focus of the second.

It is currently in the midst of a crossover with Heroes of Mayhem.



The setting is Mayhem. Mayhem is a sprawling metropolis presided over by Mayor Dan Shive. Its Police Chief is Berk. There are three major gangs in Mayhem: Gal-Zabor, led by the eccentric Kraggi; Felina led by Brylian Troy and Svensylsquatostan, led by both Sven and Squato. The ritzier end of town can be found near the corner of Steak and Kidney, on which can be found Kuching Towers, home of Brylian Troy. A massively complex sewer system runs underneath the city and connects every street corner with every other street corner, albeit in a not very straightforward manner. It is inadvisable to go down there, as the water glows green for some reason. However, many lost items somehow mysteriously turn up in the sewer.

Important Characters

  • Ed Bunny- The main character. A private eye.
  • Kraggi- The leader of Gal-Zabor. A nutcase.
  • Squata- One of the main antagonists. A nutcase.
  • Jesse- An annoying thug who repeatedly hurls half-bricks at Ed.
  • Brylian Troy- The leader of Felina.
  • The Cat Loder- A very helpful cat-person. Deceased.
  • Berk- The Mayhem Chief of Police.


Comparison with Heroes of Mayhem

It was, in fact, Heroes of Mayhem that inspired Piebunny to write the Ed Bunny Mysteries, however the two authors handle their stories somewhat differently. The following is a fairly accurate comparison by Jesse himself of the two different authors' styles.

The Ed Bunny Mysteries

Piebunny: Hmm.... I think Kum-El will fit in here and... uh.... hah, don't need to use this gal... I can use him...

Anonymous Bunny: Mista Pie Bunny, may I have a cameo?

Piebunny: No, you wouldn't fit into teh story.

Heroes of Mayhem

Jesse: Must. Fit. As. Many. Cameos. And. Scenes. With. Naked. Cameo. As. Possible.

Anonymous Bunny: Give me a cameo in you story. Now.

Jesse: Of course, I'll fit you in.... somehow.

Cameo: JESSE! Are you writing scenes with me in the nude, again!?

Jesse: Eep...

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