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"Well, there's a link to my page, but it's empty. I honestly can't think of what to put in it, so should any nut feel like throwing something in there, feel free. I may go similarly nuts and edit everything, but that will hopefully give me the push to do it myself." - Berk

"I'd be careful throwing out an invitation like that, Berk.

Look what happened to Moomanibe's page..." - OzLionHeart

((Since Berk has apparently chosen to disregard my warning, I have taken it upon myself to start this thing up before one of the real whackjobs around here does it...))

Berk is a bunny. He also has moderator powers on EGS Mayhem.

His name, backwards, is Kreb.

He will be missed.


  • Berk has mostly used an avatar of fTedd.
  • His current avatar is that of the other famous Berk, the "overworked servant of The Thing Upstairs".

Active RPs


  • Berk has a large collection of Ellen-related quotes in his sig.
  • He is not related to the "overworked servant of The Thing Upstairs". Probably.
  • He lives in a boring part of West Australia, which he describes as "a hideous hellhole", and insists that he is not Australian, but Irish.
  • He is known for "Logically breaking the laws of logic".
  • He is the GM for Goonmanji. Respect him, or the owl will eat you.
  • He appears as the Mayhem Chief of Police in Ed Bunny, PI.
  • He used to be in the Classmates, Psion and Magic School RPs, but dropped out because they were moving too fast.
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