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Mayhem is....
*ahem* Mayhem is....
...That's pretty much all you can say for sure about Mayhem. Mayhem is.
Mayhem takes many shapes and forms. It can be a city or a continent, a building or a planet. (There have even been suggestions that it is an Internet forum, but it's safe to say that theory's rubbish.) Mayhem exists because people acknowledge it does; it is shaped by the power of thought alone. Mayhem is whatever the observer believes it to be.

Of course, that being the case, there are many different realities that are called Mayhem. There is the Mayhem of Ed Bunny's universe, the Mayhem that the Heroes must defend.... Pinning down Mayhem as being just one thing is definitively impossible. Not to say people haven't tried.


Ed Bunny's Mayhem

In Ed Bunny's universe, Mayhem is a sprawling metropolis presided over by Mayor Dan Shive. Its Police Chief is Berk. There are three major gangs in Mayhem: Gal-Zabor, led by the eccentric Kraggi; Felina led by Brylian Troy and Svensylsquatostan, led by both Sven and Squato. The ritzier end of town can be found near the corner of Steak and Kidney, on which can be found Kuching Towers, home of Brylian Troy.
A massively complex sewer system runs underneath the city and connects every street corner with every other street corner, albeit in a not very straightforward manner. It is inadvisable to go down there, as the water glows green for some reason. However, many lost items somehow mysteriously turn up in the sewer.

Fort Mayhem Metaverse

In the Fort Mayhem metaverse (Fort Mayhem, Planet Haroun, the assorted Crossover Wars threads), Mayhem is pretty much the same as it appears in Ed Bunny's Mayhem, with the exception of the Fort.

The Heroes of Mayhem

Set on the same planetoid as Myth City, Mayhem is made of 5 island-continents (each about the size of Australia) and a vast archipelago. Shaped like the Wiccan star (a five pointed star, with an IC taking up the middle), each island-continent (IC)(will just call include the archipelago for simplicity's sake) has an elemental theme correlating with their position on the star (save for the middle, which has no purpose on the Wiccan star but is Aether, from the classical Greek element). The six are Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Spirit, and Aether (pronounced "Ether"). Each is run by an Elemental Lord.

  • Lord Jonix the Blind is an archmage, and runs the Isle of Spirit.
  • Paradox the Plot God is an enigma, and runs the Isle of Aether.
  • Shive is a powerful squirrel-kin geomancer, and runs the Isle of Earth.
  • Corran Star is an old dragon, and runs the Isle of Fire.
  • Commodore Berk is a sailor of great influence, and runs the Isle of Water (which is really an archipelago).
  • Vor is a lemur spirit, and runs the Isle of Wind.

Dead RP's RP Redux

Mayhem, in this case, is the general universe in which all Worlds (RP'verses) exist. Mayhem itself is a "dark matter" of pure amorphous chaos, with the worlds suspended in it like fruit in a jello mold. Mayhem, and the Redux Hub within it, is said to be overseen by the Moogle Of Mayhem, and The Elder Watchers, among other otherworldly beings.

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