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Lemurteam is quite probably the second-most powerful of the Mes, and it's the third oldest. Lemurteam originated in LPW, when OOCMe was ill. In a fit of fever-induced hallucination, he decided to have his posts ghostwritten by an infinite number of monkeys, in the belief that this would make them as great a work as those of Shakespeare. Unfortunately, the plan fell through because it was slightly too cliche: everyone has infinity monkeys. No, what OOCMe needed was lemurs! They were far cuter, the Venusians loved them, they weren't all used up by every joker on the planet, and personal aquaintance with the creatures had left OOCMe with a favorable impression. Besides, they were cheaper. Thus Lemurteam was born.


Lemurteam is a hivemind composed of every lemur in existence, in every corner of the multiverse where lemurs exist. Not all lemurs are aware of the existence of Lemurteam (the less sentient ones especially), but Lemurteam is simultaneously aware of everything happening to every lemur everywhere. It can also speak and act through any lemur (though it usually only speaks through nonsentient lemurs or those who have chosen to act as its mouthpieces), and can communicate telepathically with any of its members who have the capability to hear it. In LPW, the universe where it's most active, Lemurteam usually appears as a swarm of lemurs, bouncing all over the place.


As previously mentioned, Lemurteam is probably the most powerful of the Mes, save only OOCMe. It works as a secretary of sorts to OOCMe, keeping track of all of his characters and providing him with someone to bounce ideas off of. It also acts as a sort of "good conscience", trying to steer OOCMe back towards the reason that is his namesake when ChibiMe's schemes become too engrossing. Lemurteam has in fact written plotlines in OOCMe's absence on at least one occasion. It rarely interferes in plotlines personally (except in Frink!, though there it limits itself by the local laws), though it's not above IC appearances to enjoy LPW's cuddlier aspects.

Lemurteam follows most of the Hivemind rules of a D&D setting, though there are certain marked differences (the lack of a distance constraint on members, the lack of alignment restrictions, etc). Even in those universes where it doesn't possess OOC knowledge, it is capable of incredibly powerful sorcery which it can channel through any of its component members. In the Frink!verse (and related universes), it is essentially a god equal to the other previously established Warverse gods who inhabit the place.


When not serving as OOCMe's personal assistant or guiding the development of the numerous lemur species, Lemurteam enjoys writing out the complete works of Milton, Roger Zelazny, and Evinrude Shvaltzach. It also likes snuggling with OOCWren, eating raisins and cherry tomatoes, engaging in large-scale lemur breeding projects (which it claims bears no resemblance to masturbation whatsoever, it being a being composed of millions of individuals), playing chess with Computer under various IC aliases (and usually losing despite its massive intellect due to slower thought speed), and grooming. Lemurteam can't abide ChibiMe, and the two tend to snarl at each other until someone stops them whenever they come into contact.

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