Ann Pertchin

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Full Name: Annabelle Rose Pertchin

Age: Late Twenties

Species: Anthrofeline - Domestic

Sex: Female

Nationality: Gal-Zaborian

Played by: Anti-Paragon


5'11" with green eyes, yellow fur and long, blonde hair. Build is athletic with an average frame. Thick legs, sharp shoulders and an C-cup chest. Dark brown stripes on her legs, tail, back, and sides of her face. Lighter yellow fur covers from her mouth to the inside of her thighs, spanning most of her front torso, save a large patch of white fur that covers the front of her abdomen. Hands are stubbed and paw-like, having short and broad two-knuckled fingers with thick pads on the front of the fingertips and the center of the palm. One inch retractable claws that extend from her fingers have a off-white yellow color and a slight inward curl. Feet are plantigrade and human-like, with pads at the ball of the foot and bottom of the toes. Non-retractible claws are on the end of every toe, ranging from Half-inch to quarter-inch depending on the superiority of the toe. A very broad and long tail makes her unique compared to most catkin. A tattoo of the Gal-Zabor symbol marks the back of her left shoulder, but it cannot be seen through the fur. Ann has no piercings or scars to date.


Ann is a driven individual. She is sensible, determined, reserved, and respectful, but stern and defensive to strangers. She is extremely level headed and confident. She tends to think on her feet and go with her gut. She is a Gal-Zabor loyalist, but she has no interest in the national religion(See War thread). She holds a strong sense of duty and is very persistent when focused on something. She isn't very excitable, but at times can be very silly amidst close friends.


Military Adviser to the leader of Gal-Zabor. Head of the army of Gal-Zabor. Head of Gal-Zabor intelligence. Ambassador. Former special infantry and bodyguard to the First Citizen.

Notable abilities

Ann is a very capable marksman in small arms and rifles, as well as a skilled tactician and strategist. She also knows yogamancy, but is very inept compared to standards. However, Ann is also a dangerously skilled necromancer. Unfortunately, she knows very little spells in either, rendering her magics quite limited.

Notable objects

Ann usually wears her military uniform and has a custom revolver on her person whenever outside of her house. The uniform is relatively snug fitting Gal-Zabor combat fatigues properly tailored for Ann's personal physique. The revolver is an exceptionally well made, six-chamber, steel handgun with a customized trigger guard large enough to fit one of her stubby fingers into.

She also has a short barreled side loading rifle with intricate designs masterfully inscribed into the wooden handle and forward grip. The rifle fits Ann's profile perfectly. Anyone with the lore will recognize it is a rendition of Gal-Zabor design, but made of foreign yellow-hued wood, an off-white blue metal and using an internal hammer.


Ann owns a ranch style brick and plaster house that is painstakingly built to near-perfect quality. The interior (from the front door inward) consists of the main hall, a small powder room, the kitchen, the living/dining room, the main bathroom, the study, the spare bedroom and the main bedroom.


Ann is the illegitimate daughter of Kraggi Squirrelypants, the First Citizen of Gal-Zabor and Rose Pertchin, a foriegn noblewoman. She was raised in secret, but given some of the best tutors available as she grew up. Ann joined the military at the age of 16, shortly after the family was torn asunder by the sudden appearance of a demon that claimed Kraggi's sanity, Ann's soul, and Rose's life. Swearing to protect Kraggi at all costs, Ann accelerated through the ranks until she achieved the rank of Five star Generaland was positioned as Kraggi's military adviser. Fortunately, Gal-Zabor had lived in peace with the other countries in the past 11 years. This resulted in a rather lax military schedule for Ann, and in turn, merited this vacation from the constant milling through perpetual organization and petty reports.

Other information

  • Ann is an alcoholic, though she denies it.
  • Ann is highly uncomfortable around anything demonic, unless she is ignorant of the fact.
  • Ann's heritage is still a guarded secret.
  • The fact that Ann is a skilled necromancer has never been discovered.
  • Ann joined MKRP on Wed Dec 28, 2005 11:51 pm on page 1.
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