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Lomgren is by nature an easily embarrassed Bunny, especially if people mention certain anecdotes. This is due to his normal form - a 6 inch tall male anthrofeline. This causes him to get into certain situations very easily, and he has most likely defined those situations for the rest of Bunnydom.

He also seems to enjoy being in certain articles of clothing.

Lomgren is notable for posting at an incredible rate during the first couple of years of his existence at the KeenSpot forums, having accumulated over fifty thousand posts in a little more than a year. Due to the more recent split in the community and EGS moving over to 910CMX, he has posted far more infrequently.

There are several areas that Lomgren actively roleplays in, and a few others that are either defunct or where he made a brief appearance. The rest of the article will focus on the active areas, as well as a couple of other important appearances like the Forum Wars.


Last Post Wins!!!!!!!

Four distinct versions of Lomgren appear in LPW.


The Lomgren who appears in Mossy Knoll is a more normal Lomgren. This version is normally not shrunken, although an encounter with shrink soda did have the expected effect for the most part. For some unknown reason, though, he remained shrunken much longer than the usual duration of the soda's effect, and was only able to be restored by Sage. However, this restoration seems to have been temporary, as he was found shrunken again soon after, and a possible explanation is that the restoration magic merged with the odd shrink soda curse, which means that he now goes between two different sizes.

Lomgren owns his own house (and contrary to popular belief, it does NOT have a glass dome on top of it), and due to an inheritance doesn't actually need to work, but he bought one corner of the Town Square and turned it into a bookstore, as he enjoys reading and thinks that everyone should have a chance to own their own books. Part of his inheritance included a rather expensive chess set that he left on a dresser in his guest bedroom, among other knickknacks and old books. Parts of this were recently stolen and returned.

Lomgren is also someone who does not like violence, and tries to avoid it if possible. And with all the crazy things that have been happening in Mossy Knoll over the past week or two, he has been very easily confused.

Most recently, it was discovered that transformation magic does not appear to have any effect on Lomgren when he is shrunken.

Lomgren joined MKRP on Wed Dec 28, 2005 11:57 pm, on page 1.

Heroes of Mayhem

Lomgren will appear as Vor's apprentice.

Ed Bunny, PI

Lomgren appeared in the first story as the Omniscient, a surprisingly unhelpful ex-PI.

Forum Wars (Crossover Wars)

In 2007, Lomgren was part of the attack by the various forumgoers on the EOU headquarters, facing off against the Editor and Chibi-VOR along with Ajac. Surprisingly, he was able to fend off the Editor until distracted by Ajac being struck by Chibi-VOR's lightning, and was eventually swept out via the DRACO along with the other attackers, ending up in PSI

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