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Sage is the name of several characters belonging to Random_Sage. Their various descriptions are listed below.


In the realm of LPW, Sage is the chief deity. This came about after a strange and winding series of events involving dying, becoming a poltergeist, becoming a minor deity to seek revenge against an evil sentient Lead, and then eventually killing off his superiors to gain supreme power. He has mellowed out considerably since then. The only thing which angers him at this time is ChibiVOR, his arch enemy. Although he is normally human in appearance, he is currently in the form of a gray foxperson after an incident involving a mislabeled syringe of transformation serum. Although he could have changed back, he decided he needed a change and decided to keep the new form.


In the realm of MKRP, Sage is a demideity of knowledge who arrived in his current dimension after eons of wandering, following a nasty incident involving the destruction of his home plane. Although he was formerly close to all powerful, being separated from his home plane has left him considerably weakened, but still in control of godlike power. He refuses to harm another being unless the situation forces him to.


The only non-godly Sage, he is merely a crazy and possibly mentally unstable person. Has a tendency to fall into holes when nobody is looking and reappear at a later date.

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