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Let's Count to a Million!!! is a thread started by Captain Llama in October, 2005 with the goal of counting to one million, one post at a time. The only requirement of posts in the thread is that they include the next number in the sequence (beginning with Captain Llama's original post).

Notable Facts

  • In the beginning, posts were often more closely tied in to their corresponding number. In the single and double digits, puns could be employed (e.g. "I fail TWO see the point of this..."), and for relatively small (usually three digit or less) numbers, references or simple statements (e.g."125 is an awesome number because it's 5 to the third power").
    • As the numbers grew larger, however, actual statements involving numbers became less and less common, to where they have almost completely disappeared.
  • Currently, the standard post in the thread uses its corresponding number as a self-reference, followed by a statement. (e.g."14262 is going to have dinner")
    • There are breaks in this pattern. Palindromes, for example, are routinely referenced by their numbers. Indeed, as evidenced by recent occasional verses using numbers, any creative use of a number is accepted.
  • Another near-constant in the thread is the reaction to mistakes in the post number. Numbers that are missed (e.g. someone skips from 1133 to 1135) are joked to have been killed by ninjas, and are often "mourned."
  • Calculations made to find the average number of posts during the first year of the thread's existence projects the millionth post to come sometime in the year 2077. However, due to the great time inversion of 2038, it actually is/has been/will be completed in 1999.

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