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The Order of the Bunny is an organization of bunnies, whose first member, Lord Killerfish, was ordained by the Great Squirrel himself, and who then knighted seven others at San Diego Comic-Con 2006. The Order is comprised of eight knights and their squires.

Upon induction into the order, knights vow to uphold the rules of Bunnyhood, listen to the Forum Grand Masters and the Great Squirrel, protect newbies and defeat spammers. This vow is sworn on a relevant book (either of the EGS books). At its inception, a Lego-sword was used for the knighting process.

Squires are bunnies who wish to be a part of the Order, serving under a knight. There is no set method for a squire to become so; squires may petition a knight who shares their interests, or a knight may extend an invitation. The duties of a squire are equally nebulous.


There are five established branches at the moment; however, they are soon to be joined by a sixth.

Mayhem Presence

Several Mayhemers happen to be knights and squires. However, the Order is very much based in the main EGS forums, and hasn't made many, if any, forays into Mayhem.

The one notable incident of the Order's presence in Mayhem occured in The Hug Hospital, when Sir Drow Bunny invoked his oath and vowed to protect a patient from flames.

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