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TeddVerres is a frequenter of the forums, and resident angry male psychopath (in contrast to Squata, the resident angry female psychopath). Known for his short, volatile temper and knack for getting into arguments on everything from religion to grammar, he has been complained about behind his back, which woke him up, and he now spends his time trying to regain his lost respect. He enjoys making it clear that he is male and Canadian. He has a bad habit of bailing in RPs after they've barely started. His current avatar is a boy with medium length brownish hair and a goatee. He claims this is similar to his real life appearance.

He used to have truly atrocious spelling and even worse grammar, which irked Cameo quite a bit; she was known to complain about this, which in turn pissed off TeddVerres, and it quickly devolved into endless sissy slap-fighting with occasional jello fights - nah, I'm kidding. It did make their relations rather strained, though. However, he's improved a lot since his early bunnydom, much to her relief.

He recently changed his username, and is now known as ThatCanadianDude.



TCD is currently not in any RP's that he is truly aware of.

Dead Characters(Shorter than it should be)

Note: Not all of these are actually dead in the literal sense.

Characters He Plans To Bring Back


See characters.


  • There is no 4th Wall!
  • Whatever it is, I didn't do it...
  • Listen, if this is about that thing with your daughter and the traffic cone, I can explain...
  • I'm an evil man, with evil plans, and evil desires...


  • TV once made an RP known as the JenCorp(C) RP. He wound up killing it himself.
  • TV currently holds 2 voice acting jobs, one as "King Jingaling" in John Zirbes Banjo-Fourie and one as Miles Edgeworth in the sequel to Dily's Only Heroes Wear Cravats.
  • TV is currently planning 3 of his own webcomics, Awesomeness on a Stick, The Misadventures of Shrip & Warth, and The GodBrother, as well as a flash animated series, Walter & Biff. He fears he'll be blamed with ripping off the EGS drawing style, though he will probably reply with "Doesn't Everyone?"
  • TV is the head of a small resistance group attempting to put socks on VOR.
  • TV was inadvertently responsible for The Plague of 2006.
  • TV is one of the few forumers who prefers to go by his real name, which is Colton Watt.
  • As much as he hates to admit it, TV is responsible for making ChewyChunkyChocolateMonkE get MSN, which he regrets every waking moment.
  • When he joined, TV was the youngest bunny on the forums. This was trumped in less then a month with the addition of Kiloku.
  • EGS Mayhem was the first forum TV frequented(and first he can remember). As such, he committed many major noobisms through out his first few months. His RPing wasn't any better.... in fact, it was much, MUCH worse...
  • TV now receives minimal respect in the forums, resulting in complete ignoring of his RP ideas and avoiding of conversing with him whenever possible.
  • TV displayed an open hatred of Enigma_Nova during The Enigma Incident. He even got in trouble for swearing in rage at him. He believed he deserved no second chances, and stands by that.
  • TV enjoys writing in his Fluff section.
  • Before joining the forums, TV was a big fan of smilies and chatspeak and 1337. Since joining, he has grown to despise all 3, where as most forumers just hate the last 2 and continue to use smilies.
  • TV harbors a distinct hatred for his "Enter" button, which he always hits when going for the "&" button.
  • TV has mistaken both and BobDaDuck for women, and Kum-El for a dude. (S'ok, I'm used to it. -Kum-El)
  • TV will be appearing as a dark Padawan in Heroes of Mayhem, which is weird for him, as he's never watched Star Wars.
  • TV lacks 3 important genes: The gene that allows him to laugh at his mistakes, the gene that allows him to laugh at having practical jokes that cause any uncomfortable feelings pulled on him, and the gene that allows him to take criticism lying down. This has apparently led his parents to believe he is mentally unstable.
  • He appeared in Ed Bunny, Private Eye: Moider Most Foul as a guard at Mayhem City Prison.
  • TV made one Fanfic for the Keenfans comics. It was not received well by most, although a couple of the people in it got a chuckle. It was also famous for placing an actually male bunny in a female role due to TV's, at the time, loose grasp on the concept of gender.
  • When he's bored, TV enjoys talking in a wide variety of fake accents, from British, Rastafarian, Canadian, Brooklyn, French, German, Scottish, Irish, and several others
  • TV used to do an amazing Crocodile Hunter impersonation, but quit after Steve Irwin's death.
  • TV spends most of his spare time either: A. Coming up with crackpot ideas for comics, B. Writing crackpot stories, or C. Coming up with crackpot Sitcom ideas by the bucketful.
  • In real life, TV has a weird quirk where he slips into a New York accent every time he says "Hot Dog".
  • TV appears to have a case of LSE, judging by his constant self-deprecation.
  • He is currently writing the TCD: Ace Attorney fanfic.
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