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Kiloku is probably the younger bunny in EGS Mayhem (born in: 13/feb/1993) He, started in El Goonish Shive main forums, where he heard about Mayhem so much that he was dragged there. Once in Mayhem, he discovered the Forum RP, new to him, he wanted to participate, he was part of four RPs, which were:

Kiloku has good relationship with most of the members, specially TeddVerres, Zacair, NokVok and Malachy19.


  • Illidan Tunum <Staff Mage, Edge of the Abyss RP>
  • Marchael Sun <Space Matine, Metroid Mutation RP>
  • Kioku <Earth Bender, Avatar RP>
  • Rinan <Air Bender, Avatar RP>
  • Raphael Tunum <Staff Mage(Student), Magical School RP>
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