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Cameo is an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a big shiny box covered with sparkly wrapping paper. And a bow. And some of those little squiggly things people like to put on presents.

There are two distinct entities sharing the name of Cameo: Cameo the Author and Cameo the character. They don't look much like each other, have completely different powers, and the latter is significantly more hyperactive than the former, but the line between the two is often blurred due to the fact that Cameo the character is both a character in her own right and Cameo the Author's avatar.


Cameo the Author

Cameo the Author is strawberry-blond, fair-skinned, the owner of two lovely tannish-brown wings, and, being an Author, semi-omnipotent (fully omnipotent within her own realms). She tends towards dry wit, snarkiness and wordplay, with the occasional bad pun, and is much more interested in art and writing than her avatary counterpart.

Cameo the Author has also been known to complain of an Alien Psycho Sister, a dreaded creature who has, thankfully, thus far not been seen on the forums. This Alien Psycho Sister is reputed to be small, green and incredibly annoying.

Cameo the Character

Cameo the Character, on the other hand, is dark-skinned, white-haired and has unnaturally blue eyes, along with electrokinesis. She enjoys sugar, bouncing around, and shiny things, but has her serious moments as well (the former is much more obvious on the rare occasions when she appears as a character, as opposed to an entity shared between the two Cameos). Her past is significantly more mysterious than the other Cameo's; she has yet to discuss it with anyone, at least as far as we know.

Even though both their appearances and their powers are similar, Cameo is not related to Storm of the X-Men, neither was she (consciously) based on her. The design evolved out of an older character of Cameo-the-author's, and electrokinesis was chosen for her power as the result of a conscious effort to be unique (not too many superheroes have electrical powers).

Cameo of Borg

Cameo of Borg, as she has been named (perhaps nicknamed), showed up several months ago in place of Cameo's usual avatar, recently donning a pair of kitty ears for Halloween. She resembles Cameo-the-character, only bald, covered in Borg implants and lacking Cameo's usual smile.

Her origins are unknown, as is her status and eventual fate: has Cameo-the-character been assimilated into the Collective? Is she the third, newest Cameo, having decided to show her face on Mayhem? Did Cameo the Author decide to draw Borg implants onto her character one day and like it so much that she kept the look? Is it something completely different that I haven't mentioned here? Only time will tell.

...I thought it was because she wanted to get back at Enigma. --cat

LIES! *hiss* Cameo 17:13, 18 October 2006 (EDT)


Active Characters

Inactive Characters

because the list would otherwise be really long, this is limited to those Cameo still remembers well enough


  • Cameo has produced more RPs than any other bunny, including Psion, Wingies, the Driftersverse RPs, the Firefly RP, the recently deceased Transgenics RP, and still others that have been lost to the sands of time.
  • Cameo has been known to call or think of male bunnies as 'she' if they have female avatars and are known to play female characters, and the reverse for female-but-with-male-characters bunny Kum-El (whom she thought was an actual guy until informed otherwise).
  • Cameo has seen many of her RPs die, but she can't seem to let go of the Driftersverse. Maybe you'll see 'Drifters' (or some similar title, anyway) in the science fiction section of your local bookstore someday...
  • Cameo appears in Heroes of Mayhem as a sorceress specializing in electromancy.
  • She appears in Ed Bunny, PI. She hires Ed to find her squirrel teddy in Ed Bunny, Private Eye: The Big Case and has appeared in Ed Bunny, Private Eye: Moider Most Foul as a suspect in the murder of the Cat Loder.
  • Cameo can speak with a fake British accent, but can't really tell how realistic it sounds.
  • Cameo enjoys writing (and is pretty good at it, in her opinion) but hasn't done any non-RP writing for years. She really should put a stop to that.
  • Cameo's favourite TV shows are Firefly, Doctor Who (from the 2005 series onwards) and ReBoot.
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