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catldr24 is a bunny, one of the younger ones at that. He gets obsessive, and is known to do things in RL just to make people stare, such as what he is doing at this very moment, chewing on a paintbrush. Mmmm, paintbrush. He is a USA bunny, much to his chagrin. Once cross-dressed and posted the disturbingly confusing result on the forum. Now owns a pair of fake cat ears and a tail, which means soon he'll cross-dress as a catgirl and post that on the forum too. Errr.... he has no idea what else to write for now, so he'll just skip to RPs and characters and that sorta stuff. Oh, and he's never done this before, so if someone could link all of the RPs and characters here that'd be much appreciated. Oh, and in response to the fluff section below, cat also enjoys Marshmallow fluff. He eats it with a spoon. He was given the nickname 'Pie' by vampiress_kat in her 'Hug List' thread, which has since then died.



The Omega Fighting League Tournament

Keenfans RP 2.01


Moperville RP 2.0

Aftermath II


Qwerty -- Omega League

<catldr24> -- Keenfans 2.01

Hyuuga, Tomoko -- Naruto

Gregory (Neko) -- Aftermath II

Neko -- Moperville 2.0



1. light, downy particles, as of cotton.

2. a soft, light, downy mass: a fluff of summer clouds.

3. something of no consequence: The book is pure fluff, but fun to read.

4. an error or blunder, esp. an actor's memory lapse in the delivery of lines.

–verb (used with object)

5. to make into fluff; shake or puff out (feathers, hair, etc.) into a fluffy mass (often fol. by up): to fluff up the sofa pillows.

6. to make a mistake in: The leading man fluffed his lines.

–verb (used without object)

7. to become fluffy; move, float, or settle down like fluff.

8. to make a mistake, esp. in the delivery of lines by a performer; blunder.

[Origin: 1780–90; perh. b. flue2 and puff]

—Related forms

fluffer, noun

cat spotting

No, definitely not stolen from Jonix.

  • Cat has appeared in The Ed Bunny Mysteries, and has recently become the first (and second) to actually be killed in it. Joy.
  • He also will appear in the Heroes of Mayhem fanfic, for some reason as a villain.
  • Most recently, he has appeared in the fanfic TCD: Ace Attorney as Catel DeAre, the defendant in the case.

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You're a very nice, awesome person! You are also very cute. *^_^* -- Not telling you who I am. =)

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