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Piebunny is one of the bunnies on the Mayhem Forums, the creator of such things as Ed Bunny, PI and The Fifth-Dimensional Hardware Store.

He is famous for his Small Blue Big Red Buttons, which generate random effects when pressed, and cause the universe to implode when pressed more than once in five minutes; and also his song Do the Seconding. He is considerably less famous for his Sagas of Choochoomania.

He dislikes the NSW Department of Education and Training with great intensity.

He is the darling boyfriend/gorgeous hubby of absolutely nobody, as he is a pathetic sadsack loser who nobody in their right mind would want to date. His only hope lies in the simple fact that many people on Mayhem are not in their right minds.



Piebunny has gone through many avatars, the first being one of Ellen. His second avatar was a pie with bunny ears and his third was a cleaned-up version of the same avatar.

For a while, he assumed a female avatar and persona for Grace's Birthday Party, changing back to a male one at its conclusion, then one of Ed Bunny. His current avatar features KFPB.
Piebunny's current avatar.

RP Style

Piebunny...Piebunny's style is like what would happen if Kraggi and I had a baby, and that baby went back in time and took classes from Douglas Adams and hang out with the cast of Monty Python (before they hit the Big Time) for a while before aging into the present and becoming a crazy old coot and then getting a youthifying treatment. That's about the best I can describe it. -VOR


List of Current Active RPs/Games


  • Piebunny has attempted to create three other RPs, "Let There Be Light", "30 Years?!" and "The Hyperspace RP"; only the last one looks like it will go anywhere.
  • He has spent two significant periods as a girl, once when a TF Gun Emoticon malfunctioned and the other for Grace's Birthday Party.
  • He once made a thread celebrating his own birthday in the main forum, which led to an argument by two other bunnies.
  • It was his idea to have a Mayhem Wiki.
  • Despite rumors to the contrary, he is not, in fact, a high ranking officer in the French army.
  • OR IS HE?
  • During The Enigma Incident, Piebunny was somewhat exasperated by Enigma_Nova. However, he was in favor of allowing him to stay, provided he stop pissing people off.
  • Pie Bunny appears in Heroes of Mayhem as a flying Pie-shaped saucer with bunny ear decorations.
  • He appears in Ed Bunny, PI as Ed himself, as indicated by the sign on Ed's door "P.I. E. Bunny" or "Private Investigator Edward Bunny".
  • He is on a grand and noble quest to revive the categories slain by ChroniclerC in his insane massacre cleaning up of the Wiki.
  • He is a member of A.D.M.I.N, and is regretting that his ADMIN form is a girl in a Japanese schoolgirl uniform. With no underwear.
  • He enjoys watching lame kiddie shows like Dora the Explorer and Blue's Clues, and heckling the presenters.
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