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Pardon our dust. Ta and I are still working on this. Do forgive my over-zealous use of the Likal name; I rather like it.



This bunny is known to be part Alligator Snapping Turtle (Macrochelys Temminckii). Watch your fingers. If the turtle spontaneously appears and tries to bite your head off, do not be alarmed; the bunny will usually return promptly to apologize.

Mayhem Metaverse

In Mayhem metaverse threads such as Fort Mayhem and Mayhem University, I hold to my standard of were-arctic-fox with three forms.

  • Handsome human well-versed in the arts of the bard and and TFG.
  • Sly short anthro-fox quick with a blade.
  • Cute arctic fox skilled with charms and illusions.

But don't be surprised if I show up in a more ethereal form or I send an Aspect in my stead.


Bard Equipment

  • Feathered Cap
  • Set of wooden flutes
  • Enchanted Mandolin (see below)
  • Lute
  • Tools and spare parts for repairing instuments


  • Enchanted Sword (+4 Piercing Songblade Shortsword)
  • Pine Wand (+3 Wand of Mire the Mind)
  • Enchanted Mandolin (Possesses the enchantments of a Cli Lyre)
  • Highly modified TFG with scope and telescoping distance barrel
  • Foam-dart Gun


  • Bottomless tin box of cookies (Chocolate chip)
  • Mug of endless root beer
  • Cans of unlabeled soda (TF: Shrink)
  • Chocolate Cake (TF: Catgirl)
  • Assorted flavors of muffins
    • Chocolate (TF: Raccoon tail)
    • Strawberry (TF: F-V1)
    • Banana (TF: M-V1)
  • Assorted flavors of donuts
    • Chocolate with cherry frosting (TF: Arctic Fox)
    • Strawberry Frosting (TF: Wings)


  • Holy symbol of VOR
  • Ninja outfit
  • White fox plushie (occasionally animated)
  • Green towel
  • Unbreakable mirror
  • Dynamic Sign
  • Foam darts with suction-cup tips
  • Lots of catnip


At the moment, most of these will be copy/paste-ed from that RP's discussion page.

Retired Characters


Level 5 Male Cyborg Trader

Effective level of 11

Five cards in hand (2 dungeon, 3 treasure)


  • Cyborg - Minimum level of 2.
  • Cyborg - May loose two levels instead of dying.
  • Trader - Can have two minions.
  • Trader - When an item is on top of the discard stack, you may take it by discarding items equal or greater to the item's value. You may not do this during combat.


  • Whiz Kid. (Sidekick) +2 bonus. The whiz kid has the power to let you use as many complex items as you can carry.
  • Low-tech Persuader. (One-handed) +2 bonus. Not usable by gadgeteer. 100 credits.
  • Laser. (One-handed) +2 bonus. Can be combined with other laser weapons. 400 credits.

Carried Lewt

  • Med Kit. (One-shot) Play immediately when you lose a level. One level is restored. Usable once only. 700 credits.
  • Plot Device. (One-shot) Go through the discards to find any one card you want. Take that card and discard this one. 1,100 credits.
  • Cyberdeck. (One-handed, Complex) Usable by gadgeteer only. +4 bonus. 700 credits.
  • No-brainer. (One-handed) +2 bonus. Not usable by psychics. 300 credits.
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