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Sanchay is a Bunny that thinks HQ has toasty-brown hair. XD

General Behavior and Appearance of Sanchay (not really)



Sanchay is played by a meek creature named Eri who likes to doodle, and has been giving a slight stream of EGS fanart. Right now Eri works in the Navy, so EGS-specific fanart is very rare at the moment.


Sanchay has appeared in several forms:

  • Sanchay Squirrel: this version is Eri's most common persona. She is a shapeshifter, whose preferred form seems to be that of a gray anthro-squirrel, with purple hair and stripes. This version also appeared in the KeenFans comic.
  • Tigergryph: A 6'4" tall female anthro-gryphon, who represents Sanchay's artistic side, and was an active character in the War! until the moving of the computer. She has the honor of being Sanchay's first true "avatar", dating back since the seventh grade, or approximately four years.
  • Delta: This may or may not be modeled on Eri's real-life appearance. Originally intended to be the OOC version of Sanchay, she has become a character in her own right. She appears most frequently when Eri immerses herself into a fangirl environment. She wears a white T-shirt with a symbol on the front using this symbol: In the winter months, she wears a white hoodie with the biohazard symbol on it. Her head sprouted a wing on the left side, which sometimes transforms into a rocket if the fangirl spirit is strong enough
  • Eri: The true OOC Sanchay, she doesn't show up in the forums all that much. Often depicted in art as wearing a blue T-shirt, the design of which can be seen here:

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