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A Fan joined the Keenforums in September 2006. He is, as his name implies, a fan of many things. Magic: the Gathering, Futurama, Love Hina, Discworld, and more than one hundred and fifty webcomics occupy his interests, among many other things. He has a tendency to relate anything and everything to his interests, especially Magic: the Gathering, and especially when the thing in question comes in groups of five.

A Fan is one of only two Bunnies who has been mentioned but has yet to appear in KeenFans.

A Fan was a rather active force in the portions of the Crossover Wars within Mayhem. (Indeed, he didn't show up in comics largely because he refuses to give a decent description of himself.) He was largely responsible for the massive time-space rift that led to the introduction of Sashca, and is creator/commander of the Khans.



A Fan's first avatar was a chibi Justin holding a few trading cards, available from the EGS site itself. (The avatar, not the cards.) He then switched to one of Gleemax, the giant alien brain-in-a-jar rumored to run Magic: the Gathering Research and Development, for October 2006. A fancolor of the Creepy Child/Chaos/whatever the thing's actually named followed, followed in turn by a humorous avatar provided by the author of the Hellisng fanwebcomic (webfancomic?) And Shine Heaven Now.

Fan's same-named avatar in RPs is himself, only with the ability to manifest what he imagines. Besides allowing him to perform actions that can border on the sexy-awesome, this ability is the only way for him to even traverse the fourth wall.

Morphological Weaponry

The end result of a Transmogrimification with settings "ZG-class Demon" and "Kirby."
A Fan came to the Keenforums with a weapon known as the Chibification Pistol. Similar to a TF Gun, the Pistol fired a pink beam that could super-deform anyone struck by it. The Pistol's settings ranged from "Standard human" to "Kirby."

Since receiveing the customary TF Gun as part of his welcome package, A Fan has combined the two devices to form the Transmogrimification Blaster. The TB combines the gene-splicing power of the TF Gun with the proportion distortion of the Chibification Pistol, allowing for even more transformative goodness. It projects the familiar green beam when transforming, a pink beam when chibifying, and a bright orange beam when transmogrimifying (the combination of transformation and chibification.)

A Fan also gives out Chibification Pistols to newbies when he gives them newbie packs. This may or may not be part of his plot to terrorize the Keenforums with a legion of loyal, Transmogrimification Blaster-armed stormtroopers.

Wiki Activity

A Fan has a nasty OCD that forces him to make category threads that don't technically exist. If there's a humorous or sarcastic comment or a quotation from something on a category summary, there's a decent chance A Fan was there.

He also does the same thing with links to nonexistent pages, but puts greater restrictions on himself when doing so. He refuses to make threads or categories if he feels unqualified to do so. So there.

He also categorizes any article that is homeless at the time, even if this requires the creation of a new category. His ultimate goal is every article in at least one category and every category to be a subcategory of another category, with only two exceptions. This appears to be a point of contention between him and ChroniclerC.


A Fan has two muses, one for each brain hemisphere. They can usually be found hovering in or around his brain, and can vary in size from six inches to six feet.

Mal is the straightlaced, sensible left-brain muse. He is one of the few muses in existence who allows physics to affect him, except when it is absolutely necessary that it doesn't. He provides helpful, if unwelcome, advice and helps keep A Fan from going further insane. His influence is usually seen in A Fan's efforts in the sciences, but he's usually behind any valid points A Fan makes in speculation and the occasional physics debate that crops up in the main forum. Mal wears glasses, a lab coat, a plaid shirt, dress slacks, and sensible shoes. His full, rarely used title is Maliandro, Lord Sinister, Muse of Experience, Command, Reality, Reason, and Order.

May is the zany, hyperenergetic right-brain muse. She tends to flood A Fan's mind with cool ideas, usually forgetting where she started by the time she's finished. She zooms about providing bizarre insights, glomps, and pretty much anything else. Her ability to materialize anything she mentally conceives has come quite in handy in arming the EGS Defense Force, though the practicality of some (i.e. many) of her creations is questionable. She and Xepharon are in a blushing, stammering romance. May wears glasses, a Hawaiian shirt, cargo shorts, and flip-flops. Her glasses frames shapeshift frequently, corresponding to her mood. Her full, even more rarely used title is Maya, Lady Dexter, Muse of Innocence, Cooperation, Illusion, Passion, and Chaos.

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