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A pack given to a brand new bunny (usually after their ribcage recovers from the crushing weight of a mass glomp). It contains the following items at a minimum, although the giver of said pack is free to add in their own unique additions:

Unique Additions

As stated above, a pack giver is free to add their own special piece of equipment along with the N-Pack. Here is a compiled list of such items.

  • A Fan gives Chibification Pistols and instructions on how to combine them with TF Guns.
  • agmlego gives out a hand-forged pocketknife and a 30m coil of braided Kevlar marine rope. The knife is as sharp as you could possibly want it, and then a little more, while the rope is as strong as you need it plus a lot more.
  • Ajac usually presents draft cards, but it is unlikely he will continue to do so after the Crossover Wars
  • AlmostReadytoFly gives out copies of the pineapple cheesecakes he received, along with a catapult.
  • Bain gives out Claymores of Scottish-ness, to tie into the fact the character Bain has a slight scottish accent. When Bain remembers it.
  • broken_hero gives out a suit of scavenged and cobbled together armor from the detritus following the Crossover Wars.
  • Campsoup1988 gives out large round nerd glasses that look square when look at the wearer's profile with Tedd features
  • catldr24 gives out beanie babies, which he also gives for birthdays.
  • ChronosCat gives a catnip mouse and a ball of yarn. If only one Newbie is being greeted, the items will share a color chosen on a whim.
  • Drow Bunny usually hands out drow-made item sets along with the standard newbie pack.
  • Ineluki gives out TFG Mod Kits for shooting Portals, useful for escaping mad science laboratories.
  • Kalga gives out random pieces of trash or junk, with a extravagant suffix. Also gives Yarnballs of Distaction, and Tassels of Clairvoyance, which may or may not be clairvoyant.
  • Mandros gives out an unending cooler of canadian beer that will only open if you are over 18
  • MDM gives out TFG Mod Kits for shooting tractor beams, useful for acquiring objects out of reach, and jars of Atomic Fireballs.
  • mixedintrests gives out Shiny Blue Fairy Dolls.
  • Piebunny gives out Small Blue Big Red Buttons, which are noted for having imploded the universe 4 times so far.
  • PixelHead777 gives out mood rings. High-quality mood rings that are 100% accurate, not those cheap things.
  • User:SethSara hands out a Locke of Sara's Hair, though they haven't been in the newbie thread for a long time now.
  • Back when he handed out Newbie Packs, TeddVerres always included a TF Gun Kamikazi Add On.
  • Squato gives an Emu from an emu farm. This may or may not fit in the bag the rest of the pack comes with.
  • The Kool hands out an Infinite Bag of Dice, complete with extensive warning labels.
  • vampiress_kat gives out a random plushie from her collection of EGS cast plushies.
  • Zerras Will offer the choice of, a copy of Cat Chicks Magazine or a Cup of Living Coffee Goo

(I'm done for now. add your own special things in, as I can't really think of all that many- Ciennas) (Added me, and couldn't remember any more-- cat) (Added myself — A Fan) (Added myself too - v_k) (Added me - Anky) (Campsoup1988 was here) (Slid myself in-Ajac) (Added mahself- Kalga) (Added Myself- Bain) (Added Myself- Seth/Sara) (Added Myself- broken_hero) (Added Myself because I can- PixelHead777) (Ditto to PixelHead777 -- agmlego) (Added myself, Ineluki and mixedintrests; put the list in alphabetical order by user-name. -- ChronosCat) (Can't forget the bag - Kool)(Added Myself- Mandros)

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