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broken_hero goes to school in Minneapolis, attempting to get a degree in Journalism. He discovered EGS via the real Wikipedia, graduating up from 8-Bit Theater to El Goonish Shive and The Wotch.



In January of 2008, broken_hero discovered the EGS Keenspot Forum, after finishing an archive trawl of the entire run of the comic. He jumped into the speculation and analysis aspect of the forum at once, only commenting on the Newbie Thread as an afterthought. As the story comics became less frequent, broken_hero began lurking, only posting once in a great while.

His main forum posts are characterized by his stubborn refusal to let go of theories he's cooked up. His Mayhem posts are characterized by great length (especially when introducing himself into the story, as he has never managed to get in on an RP during initial set up phases) Oftentimes, they make little, if any, sense, as he tends to post first thing in the morning. broken_hero gets annoyed when threads are sidetracked into debates about real life issues. A little bit...

In late February, 2008, broken_hero listened to the Inaugural BunnyCast, which galvanized him into breaking through into the EGS Mayhem forums. He is currently in two RPs, although one has moved 'off campus' if you will, to

In March and April, broken_hero went archive trawl crazy, reading Misfile, Roomies-It's Walky!-Shortpacked!, and less fantastical, PvP. He also reads Dresden Codak, Darths and Droids, College Roomies from Hell!!!, Sporkman and Flat Feet and High Heels.

In mid-April of 2008 broken_hero began his own webcomic, hosted by Khatru observes the interactions of a number of college kids living in expanded housing, and some of the odd things that happen to them.

broken_hero's character(s)

TF-RP: Tedd(/Tess) Forces:

the Proto-Casey, (character design copyright Dan Shive)
This image is the closest he comes to having a counterpart (I used this guy as the basis for the character).

Name(counterpart): Casey Cross (no counterpart)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

General appearance: Before his Portal hop, he was edging towards husky, but a month in the apocalyptic ruins have made Casey much leaner. The only clothes Casey brought with him were a dirty-orange t-shirt, a pair of cargo pants, and an already thoroughly broken-in trench coat. His month on CR-428 have made these clothes even more tattered than they were before, but Casey has been able to scavenge articles of armor from dead troops.
Casey Cross, in battle garb

Background: Casey Joel Cross was an average guy in a boring world that considered EGS and all related things fictional, but where stuff like the Aperture Corporation (from the game Portal) are real. Casey is sleepwalking his way through high school, and one day he volunteers to test a version of the Aperture Portal Gun. After being sent through deathly puzzles, something weird happens and he exits a portal on the ruined world CR-428, after which, the gun breaks (roughly 3 or 4 weeks before the action happens in the RP so far). He is forced to scavenge for food, supplies and weapons in the ruined city, in hopes to fix the portal gun and return to his world. He also has to avoid the periodic bombings of the city, and forces of the conflicting armies.

Relationships: On his world, Casey was pretty much a typical loner: bad at making friends, lonely, etc. However, his month of isolation on the ruined world have forced him to change. When he meets new people now, he can't help but try to be friendly with him. (I was thinking, after he meets up with the main team, he might end up with a crush on the bubbly Grace, due to her vitality and sheer hilarity, but with is perception of her troubles with the Tedd-Ellen-Grace triangle, he wouldn't want to act on his crush. Up for debate.)

Special abilities: Casey's time on in the ruins have made him an effective scavenger; he is conversational in the German language; his minor mechanical skills have developed slightly while trying to fix the Portal gun as well as the broken particle weapons he finds on soldiers (though his skills pale in comparison to the garden variety Tedd/Tess); he has limited knowledge of the martial arts of Judo and Karate from college classes from before his accident. Since Casey comes from a more "realistic" world, he is slightly more resistant to damage than the others. This is as much of a superpower he has. He doesn't heal any faster, though. (This resistance will help him survive falls (along with the heel springs), Hammerings (as women can't access Hammerspace in his world), and other stuff that might kill him if he encountered it in his world)

Magic: None. (well, the "more solid" resistance thing could technically be magic, but it wouldn't necessarily affect magic resistance. In fact, I believe his magic-less planet could make him weaker to offensive magic)

Equipment: 1 broken Portal gun; 1 pair of Aperture Corp. mechanized heel springs, 1 suit of cobbled together damaged armor lifted off corpses of soldiers, 2 semi-functioning blaster rifles (damaged and underpowered), several partially used power packs. <-Edit

Tedd Forces RP Potential Villains

1. Assassin Shade Tail

History: Similar origin to comic-Grace, except there was no Damien to design her to fight, so she was just another were-assassin, and Mr. Verres wasn't there to keep Shade Tail out of combat classes. Shade Tail didn't want to learn to fight, but the scientists that made her forced her to learn; due to this, she developed a split personality: a sweet, mild-mannered, naive, innocent "Grace" persona that, after hearing a series of code words, becomes the ruthless assassin Shade Tail, who doesn't hesitate to kill. The more horrible Shade Tail's activities, the more blindly naive and innocent "Grace" acts. "Grace" has the mentality of a five year old, and often forced Hedge and Guineas and Vlad to have tea parties with her, a trait that continues after she joins the Special Forces. The Lords Tedd conquered her dimension and absorbed its version of Project: Lycanthropy into its standing army. Shade Tail was noted for her unusual ferocity and transfered into the Special Forces.

Appearance: "Grace" form: This is comic-Grace in human form at her squishiest and most adorable (picture the tea party with Ellen) injected with the the highest possible naivety and bubbliness of her personality. She doesn't know what angst is. Shade Tail form: Picture the old "mean squirrel" partial form from the early scene with the mugger. She weighs 160 lbs.

Powers: Shade Tail wasn't designed to kill Damien, as there was no Damien in her dimension, so she is not fireproof, nor does she have the capacity to make Legion Forms. She can transform painlessly between human, partial squirrel and full squirrel forms, but in her human form, she is more likely to slip and become "Grace". Shade tail has slightly increased healing powers in her partial form, and can use her finger and toe claws for combat and assassinations. Her squirrel form allows her to infiltrate areas due to its small size. Her partial form increases her strength and speed.

Skills: Shade Tail is a master sharpshooter, and is highly proficient in the art of knife fighting.

Equipment: Shade Tail carries a pair of titanium bowie knives strapped to each hip. These knives are enhanced by Lords Tedd Tech and lack mass, and they shrink when she does, allowing her to carry them with her in full squirrel form.

2. Lesser Tedd

History: Oftentimes, when the Lords Tedd conquer a dimension, the Tedd living there is not powerful enough to join the Lords Tedd ruling class, and is thus placed in a more administrative role. The Lords Tedd conquered a dimension that lacked TF capabilities, which made it easy prey. The Lords Tedd sent representatives to that dimensions' Tedd, offering him an administrative job in the army. Tedd, being lonelier, crueler, and having no friends, jumped at the chance to escape his dreary existence. Ever ambitious, he bristled at the menial desk job he was assigned to, and he watched as others, including other Lesser Tedds, were promoted. Eventually, Tedd finagled a transfer to the special ops program, which he recognized to be the fast track to success. The Lords Tedd found out about his deception, but to his surprise, they gave him command of a newly formed unit. Tedd proved to be a capable leader and strategist for the new group, which came to be called the Black Hats. During missions, Tedd likes to capture attractive girls and force them into his private harem back at base. This harem contains multiple copies of Ellen, Sarah, Susan, Grace, and Justine; the other operatives are aware of this practice, but are ok with it as long as Tedd keeps straight who his girls are and who his teammates are.

Appearance: A typical Tedd, except he wears ordinary glasses.

Powers: None, save a brilliant strategic mind.

Skills: Slightly above average mechanical skills; Machiavellian instinct for manipulation.

Equipment: Owns a TF Gun reserved for harem use; standard special ops gear.

3. Elliot (Scrapper)

History: Elliot Dunkel's last pleasure was his Anime-Style Martial Arts classes after Tony the Jock bullied Tess once too many times, ending in Tony's hospitalization and Tedd's death. Elliot threw himself into practicing the strange art. He quickly surpassed all of his fellow students in both power and technique. He learned and taught himself a number of anime-inspired Ki moves, but accidentally killed his Sensei with an energy wave attack during his black belt match. Elliot watched from death row as, one year later, the Lords Tedd invaded his dimension. LT Army recruiters read his file and offered him the choice of remaining on death row or becoming a special operative, as masters of ASMA were rare in the Black Zone. Elliot chose service. He drinks to block out his knowledge of the things he and his group do. Elliot is the most tolerant of "Grace's" antics, and will often be found in a frilly pink dress, drinking bourbon from a plastic teacup when not on missions. (He acts like Hedge does in the comic, like a big brother to "Grace", but Shade Tail scares him.) He desperately wants Lesser Tedd to be friends with him like his old friend Tess was, but Tedd manipulates him.

Appearance: Slightly older than comic-Elliot, perhaps mid twenties, and he is much more muscular than comic-Elliot. He usually has a scruffy beard, due to his waking up hung over most days. When he fights, he is surrounded by a crackling energy field.

Powers: Elliot can channel his Ki to: fly, and increase strength, speed and durability. He is basically as strong, fast, and durable as a low-medium level Dragonball Z character. Other techniques include the Tamashii Gekido, and something similar to the Kamehameha wave attack.

Skills: A master of unarmed combat.

Equipment: None

4. Nanase (Power-Mad Witch)

History: Elliot dumped Nanase for Sarah, which drove Nanase's magic use from using it to sneak into Elliot's room at night right into the Black Arts. After she flayed the flesh from both of their bodies, she swore off men, and very nearly succeeded in releasing this dimension's versions of the Elder Gods before members of the Lords Tedd's Police Force apprehended her. She joined the special forces, because the alternative was to have the magical essence stripped from her. Nanase hates the duplicate Elliot she has to work with.

Appearance: Looks like comic-Nanase, but wears her hair wild instead of in a ponytail. Wears tight black leather clothing under a tattered black cloak (all black is matte, not shiny). These leathers give a degree of protection from magical attacks.

Powers: (many of her spells have been influenced by Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy). Elemental: Fire, Ice, Bolt; requires only an incantation; Blood Magic - Enfeeble (weakens foes), Dark Mist (clouds the mind and slowly poisons), Omega Flare (nuke); requires a blood sacrifice from Nanase, and an incantation.

Skills: Magical knowledge lets her understand/read any language, transmute objects (usually as a way to change money in different dimensions)

Equipment: 1 Ceremonial knife, for blood magic.

Welcome to the Jungle RP (broken_hero no longer posts on this RP. He's sorry for dropping out, but he couldn't figure out what was supposed to be happening.)

Birth Name: Reginald Thompson

Tribe Name: Cham (pronounced Cam) Eleon

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Appearance: Reginald (Reggie) is a small boned boy, who was the shortest lad in his scout troop back home. In the jungle, he wears the tatters of his scout shirt open, due to the lack of interest in fixing the buttons, and his oft-mended pair of official Boy Scout trousers. He lets his hair stay shaggy because his mother back home forced him to shear it every three weeks.

Personality: Reggie is at the same time both bookish and adventurous. His favorite books back home were the Scouting for Boys manual, the H. Ryder Haggard "Quatermain" books, and anything about woodcraft and warcraft he could get his hands on. Reggie has an amazingly quick mind, and probably would have ended up going to a military school, becoming an officer and dying in the trenches of WWI, if he hadn�¢ï¿½ï¿½t been shipwrecked. Ending up in the Amazon is a dream come true for him. He is slightly less addled in speech than some of the tribesmen, having been raised in Jolly Ol�¢ï¿½ï¿½ England for most of his life.

Skills: Gained from books, Reggie can identify by sight many helpful, harmful and edible plants, so he is often used as a gatherer of food. His other main talent is woodcraft. Often, Reggie is used as an explorer of the jungle, searching for patches of food, supplies, and materials for the tribe�¢ï¿½ï¿½s use. His knowledge of military tactics and such could be useful if the tribe ever was involved in a war. Reggie is a poor hunter but a fair trapper, and is not physically strong, but he is fairly agile. He can also use a sling, made from animal hide, to attack small game from a distance

Prized Posessions: He has a copy of Scouting for Boys, the official handbook, along with a small notebook he uses to add entries of the flora and fauna of the Amazon. He keeps these wrapped up in canvas to protect them from the rain. On his travels, he often raids lost ruins and gathers small gems for use in trade.

Tools: Reggie carries a length of iron that is sharpened on one edge, which he uses as a kind of machete or sword; this is a relic of the shipwreck. Background: Reggie was one of the original Boy Scouts Baden Powell recruited. He was 11 at the time, and two years later, he and his Troop were traveling across the Atlantic via an old steam ship, which got off course and crashed into a small iceberg. The ship was successfully abandoned, but the lifeboat carrying Reggie and a few of the third class passengers got lost in a current, and eventually crashed into jagged rocks just off the coast. Reggie floated unconsciously on a few boards held together with a jagged piece of iron (which he kept) to shore, and was discovered by people from the tribe.

broken_hero's Projects

He is currently working on improving his artistic style by sketching the characters from EGS. He has posted them to his DeviantArt account, a link to which will follow at the bottom of the screen.

Also, broken_hero is currently working on two versions of a novelization of the comic. The first version is a straight adaptation of the comic to novel form. The second is his pet project. The premise is, what if a student absence caused an original character to be Elliot and Tedd's lab partner on the day the Goo came to life. C.J. Cross (yes, he knows that this character and the above RP character are the same, he's trying to find a new name for one of them) drifts in and out of the Main 8's tale, mattering more in some arcs than others. broken_hero chooses to call this story "EGS-Delta", and will continue to do so until he is forced to change it (he'll just pick a new Greek letter).

Bunny Inventory

1 TF Gun, with self defense mod

1 Cookie wrapped in shiny plastic

6-pack of unlabeled soda

1 dead fish

1 Squirrel Plushie

1 pack of stuff that's theoretically gum

1 bottle of brain bleach

1 Yarnball of Distraction

1 Infinite Bag of Dice

1 ball of blue yarn, and a matching blue catnip mouse

1 Uryuom Work Suit

1 Enchanted Diamond Katana (with matching sheath) which is enchanted to never dull or break.

Some Chaos cookies and various Mayhem sodas (including the new Chibi Soda)

Bunny EXP

Coming Soon!

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broken_hero's DeviantArt gallery, featuring bad sketches

Khatru, broken_hero's fledgling webcomic

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