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Sara: "Hey guys, this is just a place holder until me and Seth get all set up."
Seth: "Where's the slash!? We're supposed to have a slash in between our names!"
Sara: "Wiki stole our slash for it's own devices..." >.> <.< >.>


Seth/Sara's Inventory/Experience Pool


Seth and Sara have these items, they are rolled together for simplicity. Thanks to davecom3 a few items have been recovered.

  • 1 standard TF Gun.
  • 2 experimental TF Guns. The exact functions of these guns are unknown, however, Seth was turned into a full Aardvark instead of an Anthro one when he tried using it on himself.
  • 18 cans of unlabeled soda.
  • 3 squirrel teddies.
  • 3 dead fish.
  • 3 cookies wrapped in shiny plastic.
  • 1 magic pen, to redraw other people. (Newbie Gift from B.T. Isaac.)
  • 1 military-grade flamethrower (Gift from Cheez.)
  • 1 Mercury Symbol. (Awarded after finding the Snowman.)

Experience Pool

TBE (Total Bunny Experience): 808.
Current Bunny Level: Lvl 5 (Hyper Bunny).

  • 253 Experience awarded for finding the Snowman.
  • 50 Experience awarded for their 1st 100 posts.
  • 25 Experience awarded for their 2nd 100 posts.
  • 15 Experience awarded for their 3rd, 4th, and 5th 100 posts.
  • 25 Experience awarded for their 1st half-year as a registered Bunny.
  • 50 Experience awarded for their 2nd half-year as a registered Bunny.
  • 150 Experience awarded for their 3rd and 4th half-years as a registered Bunny.
  • 60 Experience for being the first to Glomp a Newbie. (First to Glomp: animemangavg, Dirty Dirty Catgirl, Daniela_Joplin, thebigfrogg.)
  • 5 Experience for being the 2nd-5th person to glomp a Newbie. (2nd-5th to glomp: yreomyr)
  • 75 Experience for being the first to give a Newbie Pack to a Newbie. (Newbie Packs given to: Dirty Dirty Catgirl, Daniela_Joplin, thebigfrogg)
  • 100 Experience for inviting someone to post on the forums. (People invited: Daniela_Joplin, thebigfrogg)

Current Plots

Recently, Seth and Sara have stolen enough items from the Newbie Gear Processing Plant. Sara believes no one knows of her involvement, but she cannot speak for Seth on that matter.

The two are hiding out on the Interdimensional Space Fish until the investigation settles itself and blames Ajac.

Characters and RPs

Has played in many of Zerras' Elderai Saga RPs. Even one on a non-Keen forum. (That RP is a sad reminder of why you should not drink too many energy drinks.)

Currently Seth has been banned from joining Zerras latest RP. *grumbles...*


NAME: "Scrounge" (Real name is Amilia Playwrite)
THEME SONG: "Rammstein" Rammstein.
AGE: 17
GENDER: Female
CLASS: Expendable, XP1C
WEAPON: Knife, M-4 Carbine
SPECIAL: Knowledgeable about ancient mechanic systems. She can study any mechanical object and mentally dissect it before anything else.

Scrounge has short, choppy brown hair that looks like she took her own knife to it. Her eyes are greenish hazel, but she keeps a pair of goggles over them most of the time, so not many people see them. Her skin is ruddy and always covered with dirt, it's obvious she hasn't taken a true bath for some years, but she does apparently try to keep somewhat clean. She is about 5'4" and weighs about 145 pounds, and she sports a slim build. Her outfit is a black form fitting t-shirt, baggy denim shorts, and sneakers that at one point in time might have been white. Around her right arm is a bloodied bandage, the wound that she covered with it is healed up but she doesn't want to risk taking it off because of how much blood came out of the wound originally. In the K-Site she still wears her bandage, but it is covered up by her issued uniform.

BIO: "Scrounge" is not her real name obviously, but she took it up to reflect her specialization in a post apocalyptic world. She used to live in L-Site with her mother and father, both of which are dead now. Throughout her school days she was picked on constantly, this caused her to retreat into her own little shell. So she mostly spent the rest of her time at school observing the other students and staying away from people she didn't like. She joined the gymnastics team and had trained a lot when Lima made their mistakes. Lima had a few problems, the first being they opened their doors way too early and a large amount of the population died, the comrades in charge of Lima decided in an attempt to get farming ops started sooner and more established, they would make a perimeter farm by spreading the chemical fertilizers around the bunker, luckily plants started growing but so did the bugs. Bugs raided the bunker and killed a lot of people she was picked up by one of the Lima fire teams and they helped her get to safe place taught her what they could they went back to the site to try and re-take it. They never returned and the scavenger part can take over from there. She had made a stronghold on the roof of the an abandoned parking structure and has fortified it over the years with cars, slabs of concrete, and any other material strong enough to deter bug attacks. While she was scrounging the local department store she came across a good knife that had ended up saving her life, as a bug had found her. She had gotten a good amount of blood spilled from a wound in her arm before she shoved the knife into the bug's skull. She kept the knife and continued fortifying her defenses. She's been returning to raid the library of l-site, plenty to salvage there, along with motor pools and destroyed vehicles, it was a Bonanza of scrap! She has been training for the past years with K-Site's 13th XPIS.

PERSONAL ITEMS: Scrounge has her shelter on the roof of an abandoned parking structure, which has been fortified against bug attacks (She hasn't been there since she became an expendable for K-Site). She also has an old crotch rocket that she has been tinkering on, but it is currently not "Battle Tested" yet, though it does run. Mk. I Gear and Forest Camo BDUs, both of which were issued to her when she joined K-Site.

COMBAT NOTES: --- Operation Black Flag: One of the few survivors. No combat info. --- Operation Vorpal: Went in with motorcycle. Discovered a conspiracy within K-Site. --- Operation Dalor: Not in this Operation. Motorcycle retrieved by Kerrigan's team. --- Operation Zenith: Part of a team sent to retrieve unknown materials from a JS-2 that was shot down. Shot in the upper right arm with a biochemical round.


Name: Lieutenant Jather Marches
Theme Song: "Rosenrot (3AM at Cosy Remix by Jagz Kooner)" By Rammstein
Age: 23
Hair: Brown with black streaks
Eyes: Dark yellow
Off Duty Appearance:
Class: Officer
Weapon Type: Medic
Weapons: T-47 9mm Carbine, field medicine kit.
Combat Skill: Good Athlete (General)
Character's History: Jather was raised by his parents to know that it was his duty to serve the Elders in any way shape or form. He took this to mean that he was to lead his charges in a way that would bring back home those that were worthy of coming back, to defend those that deserved to be defended. All for the glory of the Elders and the Colony. It made a slightly awkward childhood, but he managed through it. He agreed to serve as an officer and has recently graduated from the Red-Line portion of his OTC and is now a commissioned Medical Officer. Jather and Kitlira had been friends long before he went to training, it wasn't until after he got out of training that they agreed to start a family.
Special Notes: Jather is set to marry Kitlira Janus in April.
Image of Kitlira.
Special Item: A pendant he received from Kit.


NAME: Cpl. Will Aust
THEME SONG: "Good Enough" Evanescence
AGE: 21
GENDER: Female
CLASS: Enlisted
COMBAT SKILL: Good reflexes
Will is about 4'10" and 125 lbs., and her build is very thin. She has short cropped hair which is black naturally, but she dies it green. Her eyes are brown. Her skin is very pale, and gets sunburned very easily. Her off duty clothing typically consists of cotton shirts, denim skirts, and sneakers, as well as some glasses. Her military attire is mostly standard, she wears the armband and green beret of a medic, and has padding on her right shoulder. Her bag carries her medical equipment mostly, and she has a special eyepiece for her vision (as well as HUD).
BIO: When Will was born her parents wanted a boy, but instead got a girl, as such they choose a semi-ambiguous name for her. Her last name isn't the same as her parents, who gave her a surname reflecting the month in which she was born. When she turned 5 it was discovered that she was near-sighted in her right eye, so her parents got her some glasses and popped out the left lens. Will got ridiculed much through school because of this. She was never very strong, and couldn't take a punch very well, but she got used to relying on her reflexes to get out of trouble. Most of her grades in school were only average, but she did very well at life sciences, and later in medical training. During firearms training she injured her shoulder from the kickback of a rifle, but continued anyway. She wears padding on her right shoulder now to prevent further injury, though it's not necessary. She has an undieing will to prove herself as a good enough person for her parents to accept.
INVENTORY: HUD Eyepiece, Medical Kit, Shoulder Padding, a modded T-13 SMG and a T-3 Pistol, and Mk. III armor with a medical band communications package.


NAME: Amilia Playwrite AKA "Scrounge"
THEME SONG: "Killer Inside" Hydrovibe feat. Shawnee Smith.
AGE: 19
GENDER: Female
WEAPON TYPE: Explosives/Sub-Machine Guns
COMBAT SKILL: Knowledgeable about mechanical and technological systems. She's gained a pretty good idea of how to properly build many things, mostly weapons and computer systems, and she's used this knowledge to great effect with her traps. She's also fair at Mounted Combat.
Scrounge sports long brown hair and bright green eyes, her skin is ruddy, but it's by no means dirty. Her right arm has a scar that makes it look akin to ground meat, though that doesn't seem to hamper her any. She now stands about 5'11" after a growth spurt, and weighs about the same she did during USHKS at 143 lb. Her clothing consists mainly of her old K-Site clothing. Her shirt is in rags and seems like it would fall apart if she ever took off her chest belts, her old BDU's have stood up well to a year of wear and tear, and they are held up by a complex belt which hold extra clips of ammo for her T-49 SMG. Her boots are still in usable condition, though they've taken a bit of a beating. She wears her old Hell's Pixies pin and a necklace, and has a pair of fingerless, padded gloves.
HISTORY: After the events of USHKS Scrounge had left back to L-Site, where she fortified it against all intruders, bug and human alike. Most of these traps were computer controlled, as Scrounge took some time to learn the systems. These traps were mostly mundane, but there were some that required thought (such as her Sniper Array Decoy, which was mainly a bunch of laser sights set to an semi erratic loop). After a while Myka and Mika came to her to ask for her assistance, after launching a few of her traps at them, she agreed to join their ranks.
PERSONAL ITEMS: Her old Hell's Pixies pin. "Steed" (has been fitted with light armor, a mounted SMG, and turbo.)
INVENTORY: Scrounge has a few weapons at her disposal, including a backpack full of Fragmentation and Flash Bang grenades (mostly homemade, but just as effective), an old T-49 SMG 9mm (fitted with a custom Grenade launcher), and her old Knife and M-4 Carbine. She has a separate pack with ammo for her guns.


Name: Sgt. Amilia "Scrounge" Playwrite
Theme Song:
Class: Enlisted
Sex: Female
Age: 23
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Bright Green

Off duty appearence:

Bio: Beat a girl in the school bathroom for picking on one of her friends and was chosen for the Child Soldier program for it. Veteran of the Child Soldier Program, continued her enlisted at 18. Snagged Sgt. at 21 due to previous experience. Earned her HW cert as a CS and can proudly wear a Black Beret [signifies HW Certification]. earned her nickname due to her time as a CS during a field exercise she dug up an old motor cycle and has been working since then trying to get it running.

Weapon Type: Heavy
Combat Skill: Engineer
Any special Notes about the character:

  • Served with Kerrigan in the Child Soldier Program
  • Despite being a heavy weapons specialist, she is surprisingly lean (only about 110 lb.), though she is very tall (6'3").
  • A very loyal friend.
  • Leader of Foxtrot Team.
  • Tends to refer to others as "Mutts", "Bitches", or "Pups". Depending on age or gender.

Personal items: Black Beret, Her Child Soldier Badge (same as Kerrigan's).
Inventory: T-11 HMG 7.62mm, T-3 .45 Cal (Sidearm), 2 Extra Ammo Belts for T-11, Bracing Belt, Standard Comm HUD.


Name: Amy Terrell
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Job: Student
Alignment: Warsaw
5'10" and 135 lb., she has a slight build, and long limbs. Her hair is orange-red, and is styled like tomboy haircuts, mostly because this keeps it from hindering her when doing Parkour. Her eyes are wide and blue. Her complexion is Celtic, which is to say that she gets sunburned easily. Her arms and legs have many small cuts in varying stages of healing, and she goes through cloths quickly no matter how tough the material used to create it is. She typically wears form-fitted t-shirts and shorts, and good quality trainers.
personality: Hyper (See bio)
Theme Song: N/A
Bio: Amy is a Detroit native. She has an excellent short-term memory, but without constant reinforcement she forgets a lot of information easily. This qualified her for special education services. She turned down classes in exchange for being allowed to use open notes and a computer on tests. She practiced Parkour in her free-time, and uses it now for practical pursuits (running messages for Warsaw). She was in JROTC, and had above average marks in rifle practice. She's not combative, and is more likely to talk to others. She's not visually hyper (i.e., quick motions for tiny movements), but she does have a lot of energy that seems to come from nowhere. She stole her pistol and knife from her father, who is allied with the U.S. Military. Her mother has not chosen a side.
Inventory: Messenger bag, 9mm pistol, "standard student gear" (pens, pencils, notepad, binders), laptop, combat knife.

Strength: 4
Defense: 4
Agility: 13
Accuracy: 10
Intelligence: 11
Perception: 11

Ad-Hoc Tech: 0
Communications: 2
Critical Thinking: 2
Hand-to-Hand: 1
Marksmanship: 3
Medical: 0
Misdirection: 3
Physical Fitness: 4
Tactics: 3
Tech-Savvy: 2

HP: 17/17
MP: 18/18

Feat: "Run for it"


These are the badges achieved for various accomplishments.

  • K-Site Original Player: Ksite-1.jpg
  • K-Site Veteran: USHKS-banner.gif
  • Staring Down the Barrel Veteran: sdtb-banner.gif
  • Zealots Impasse Veteran: iammobileinfantry.jpg
  • Expendable First Class: XP1C.jpg
  • Lieutenant (Jr. Lt.): JrLt.jpg
  • Corporal: Cpl.jpg
  • Sergeant: Sgt.jpg
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