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PixelHead777 is an ADD, bipolar, all around silly person, who is somewhat new to the Mayhem Forums, but seems to have settled in well, due to the fact that he is a fully devoted fan of El Goonish Shive. Is ok with being referred to as PixelHead or Nathan, or when fem-fied, Natalie.

PixelHead777 is a male human (Until he gets a true furry avatar of his own), and currently has his own character in LPW!!! We're not sure if Pixel is TG M2F, as this is an ongoing discussion at the moment. -(MDM)

Sadly, Pixel has moved on from Mayhem, after a nearly two-year run of attendance.

I have joined MKRP and SSI. YAY! NOOO!...

PixelHead does not have good and evil sides, nor does he have law and chaos. He has purity and perversion, and as such constantly gets the hammer, as his purity side is female. Why his purity side is female we'll never know.

RP info

A summary of PixelHead's RP character (Or more accurately, all the info from the character's page, minus the background)

Name: Nathan (There's also his DWD'd twin, Natalie)

Species: Lycan Anthrosquirrel, once a human, apparently

Gender: Male regularly, but can transform into female

Age: Looks about 14, but may be older, due to the fact that he does not know his birthday.

Height: About 4 ft. regular, but can shrink to 4 inches.

Other physical features:

  • Squirrel form: Large pointy ears, bushy tail, paw-like feet, and light brown fur (like Grace)
  • Human form: Light tan skin, short brown hair
  • Both forms: Bright blue eyes, short nose

Known Powers: Can transform between anthrosquirrel and human forms, as well as shrink down to 4 inches and change genders. His clothing shrinks with him, and his undergarments change to a bra and panties when he transforms into a girl, and back again when he reverts.

Current known belongings: Red shirt and jeans (in both regular and Lommy size, thanks to KF-Oz), and a mood ring, which he wears at all times, and can shrink down with him. He also wears a dewrag that he obtained from his 'father', which has broken the curse on him, and at the same time giving him new abilities. The dewrag has also obtained the power from the mood ring, as the mood ring started to hurt Natalie at one point.

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