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Campsoup1988's online avatar.

Campsoup1988 is a 18 year old Cat, who uses the TF Gun when visiting EGS to become the customary Bunny who, studies computer programing, and in his spare time, likes to play video games or read a good book.


On the Forums

Mostly will post on the main forum El Goonish Shive usually in the Newbie intro thread. He will eventually move his way on to Mayhem


Newbie pack from Amon Star

  • 1 TF Gun
  • 1 Squirrel Teddy
  • 1 Cookie in a shiny wrapper
  • 6 cans of unlabelled soda
  • 1 dead fish
  • 1 cat-nip plant (from Amon Star)
  • unlimited supply of large round nerd glasses that look square from when look at the wearer's profile with Tedd features

Current Status


Everyone is Krazy...To Some Extent


Campsoup1988 cant draw art at all, but has a deviantART account open since Aug 22, 2005, which he gathers a huge collection (at least 2000+ pictures) of art that he likes from other DA members. Lately Campsoup1988 have not been active on DA. His account can be found here


  • Stella Quest L Stella Quest L is a web based role playing game. Each player acts a fighting player or a civilian. Fighting players fight against one another, and civilians sell items to earn money. Campsoup1988 is known there as campsoup ID# 0260 It could be found at If you do join SQL, campsoup requests if you could send a message to him and to the web master Ukats ID# 0001 letting them know campsoup referred you to the site
  • Other games will be listed latter

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