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The guy who said, "You know, I'd love to be in the Mayhem Wiki, but I'm too shy to put myself in. It seems so, you know, forceful, or something."

These days, he's usually found participating in the Crossover Wars, commanding the EGS defense force. So much for Shy. Author of the Burning Manor Acts.


Ajac the Poster

Essentially the same as Ajac the Character, only not all pseudo-omnipotent.

Ajac the Character

Little more than what Ajac the Poster would be if he were a pseudo-omnipotent quantum entity. Comes from Avalon Hall, a pocket dimension connected to ours via a portal in the Internet called MEGASite, created by the Nerd Patricians, of which he is one. Spends little time there, as few do, because it gets a little boring. Loves interfering in mortal affairs, but helped write the Avalon Hall Laws, including and especially the Law of Non-Interference. As such, he only interferes about as much as a really powerful mortal. Plus, any more would annoy people. Ajac himself has explained some of his more unique aspects to Dimitri:

  • "This world is a lesser universe within the metaverse of that world. My species has the ability to find the "core world" of a metaverse, travel there, and then project incarnations of ourselves in "lesser worlds" which are connected to the core. The "me" you see before you is such an incarnation. My true "self" is the commander of the EGS Defense Force. My phsycic link to, heh, myself, allows me to know that he was recently captured during battle. I would have gone to help, but there are, unfortunately, Ancient Laws from Avalon Hall which forbid multiple incarnations in a single plane, as this would make us far too powerful."

Current Status

  • In LPW: Hosting the Carnival Ball, a sort of one-day Mardis Gras. Also, preparing to fight Dimitri to the death.
  • Serving as the First Among Equals Commander of the EGS Defence Force.

Servants, employees, etc.

  • Alatrahazar - reformed demon butler.
  • Ajac's Narrator - exactly what the name implies.
  • General William - Commander of Ajac's Legions. Also from Avalon Hall.
  • Ku-Ku Kaichu - Ajac's old Master. A bit more practical than his student, and a walrus.
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