Bunny Code

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The Code of the Bunnies.

Burning Manor Acts

  • First Act: The High Command must establish a Court which is independent of itself, to judge whether or not the actions of the High Command, especially the First Among Equals, are just. This Court only regulate those actions of the High Command taken within Mayhem itself. The Defense Force is not liable for actions committed in battle, nor is the High Command liable for orders given in said circumstance. However, if the battle takes place in Mayhem, or requires any military action in Mayhem, then the afore mentioned parties ARE answerable to the Court.
  • Second Act: The High Command is forbidden from establishing a military base, with the exception of Fort Mayhem and all other previously standing fortifications, within Mayhem without giving a 5 day vote to the bunnies as to whether or not they approve of its construction.
  • Third Act: The High Command is forbidden from restricting the rights of Bunnydom at large. This does not prohibit the restriction of the rights of prisoners who have been taken lawfully and found guilty by a majority vote over the course of 3 days.
  • Fourth Act: The General Assembly of Bunnies must establish a Bill of Rights, clearly wording all those rights which High Command cannot impede upon with the Third Burning Manor Act.
  • Fifth Act: Any Bunny may call a general vote of 7 days as to whether or not any member of High Command is abusing his/her/their powers, or is derelict in their duties. The same applies to members of the Court, however the First Among Equals cannot make a claim against the court.
  • Sixth Act: Any Bunny who happens to be VOR shall not be penalized for embezzling any and all High Command funds for the purpose of redecoration of said Bunny's home and for advancement of the culinary expertise of Bunnykind.[citation needed]
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