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The EGS Defence Force (EGS-DF) is responsible for protecting the comic & its forums from attempted invasions during The Crossover Wars, particularly the EOU webcomic.

The DF is currently in disarray due to Ba DeGuy's invasion. Xepharon has assumed command during the crisis.


Command Structure

  • In overall command of the EGS-DF is Ajac; however in practice he rarely has to intervene in the decisions made by subordinates, and can be considered "first amongst equals".
  • Second in command is Alex Mage.
  • Cory Deleon is the current Aide-de-Camp. For the duration of Alex Mage's absence, she is Acting Second.
  • KylenPhylar is a General and the one responsible for setting up Fort Mayhem. As such he also has the rank of Supreme Commander of Fort Mayhem.
  • Teleros, alongside Ajac, was one of the major recruitment officers via the Newbie intro thread. Was also Port Admiral of the Home Fleet. Has since left Mayhem for personal reasons. ONI reports that he can be found in a location known as[1]
  • Ankhareon does something or other related to intel and drew the Operation Lagomorph comics.
  • Piebunny has been appointed Chief Historian and is mainly the one who writes the Crossover Wars Wiki page.
  • Jstone holds the position of Fleet Admiral, commanding the entirety of the Mayhem fleet. He is currently in the market for subordinate officers.
  • ChroniclerC is the Civilian Adviser, a position which holds the unofficial job description of "Keeping these idiots from doing something stupid".

Strategic Planning Office

The SPO is responsible for organising the overall conduct of the campaign, all from Fort Mayhem. Whilst individual commanders may decide the tactics and strategies used in a specific engagement, the SPO is there to co-ordinate the overall defence and provide a cohesive focus for the EGS Defence Force. Whilst its members are unlikely to ever see actual combat, they play a crucial role behind the scenes instead. It's current members are:

Office of Intelligence (OfInt)

Run from Fort Mayhem, OfInt is responsible for gathering any and all intelligence required by the EGS Defence Force and forwarding it to the relevant people. Its members range from intelligence analysts to undercover agents and the like, and can call upon Lt Webb's SCOs when necessary. It's current members are:


  • An offer of support against the EOU was extended by the CRFH!!! Board and accepted by the Bunnies. The Free Alliance worked together extensively during the rescue of 4 bunny leaders who had been captured by Head Alien.
  • The EGS-DF has also helped to free the Too Many Authors comic from the control of the Evil Overlords United.

Combat Doctrine

  • Given the ability of forces from the EOU webcomic to essentially teleport in or be created by forum users Ti-Phil and possibly Netpoet22, current thinking has focused on small, highly mobile units distributed in such a way that when a portal is detected it can be contained as quickly as possible, to prevent the buildup of droids within the forums.
  • The use of both magical and technology-based forces by EOU has also lead to a similar mix in the Defence Force, in order to prevent the rapid reaction units being defeated by enemies they have little or no defence against.

Planetside Forces

This includes all sea, air and land forces, with its headquarters at Fort Mayhem.

Space Forces

This is based around Port Mayhem, the forum's space port, and the Mayhem Orbital Command. Teleros was in charge of the Home Fleet responsible for defending Mayhem.

Airborne, Spaceborne, and Marine forces

Elite Strike Force

The ESF is responsible for the rescue of bunnies from EOU, Strategic assaults and covert ops. Members include:

Other Forces

Elder Gods, muses, and anything else that doesn't really fit into either of the above categories.

Double Agents

  • Prior to any invasion, the EOU webcomic sent Death Bunny to the forums as a spy. Death Bunny was successful in stealing several crates of TF Guns & planting DRACO beacons on the others, so that when they were transferred to the Funky Horror, EOU could lock onto their positions and attack the station. He was eventually exposed by Loweko, having earlier been found not guilty during a trial.
  • The Rabbity Thing has also expressed an interest in aiding EOU.
  • Ti-Phil and Netpoet22 are staff on the EOU webcomic.


  • A combination of both conscription and volunteers. Teleros in particular has a habit of signing up newbies when handing out gifts in the Newbie intro thread. Bunnies already here meanwhile have tended to sign up of their own free will.
  • There is also a fight going on between Anya and Squata here to attempt to get the latter to join without attacking other members.


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