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Please note: Information contained on this page is likely to be highly out of date, as Cheez stopped caring about it long ago.

Cheez the poster is a bunny from Reading, England, but currently living in Swansea, Wales (Due to studying at the university there) He is into TF and TG, and has a Yahoo group dedicated to these (but mainly TG). He also has ideas for 2 webcomics, but lacks the artistic talent to actually draw them.

Cheez the character has no TF capabilities other than that given him by his trusty TF gun and Brightsuit. He's made the default setting in these Deathclaw V3, because they're cool and having giant teeth and claws and thick, armour-like hide is very useful, especially in the various EGS defence threads.

Saric Krass said this about Cheez: "Please don't encourage him. Giving Cheez points is like feeding the animals at the zoo, it's both fun and a really bad idea. He might even do something Cheez-like if you do it to much.




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RP Characters

In the Zombies! RP: Kaleb Swift

In The Un-Sung Hero's of K-Site RP: Joseph Molov

In the Zealot's Impasse RP (Sequel to K-Site): Ana Saker

In the Villains RP: Jared Brown

In the Free for all Fantasy RP: Cheez's characters in the Free for all Fantasy RP

In the A Cursed Few RP: Tatiana Ivanov

In the Davian Civil War RP: Rufus 'Ox' Isaac

In the Nest RP: Michael "Mike" Suidae

In The World RP: Cruach

In the BioNode RP: Eddie Way

The Golemetrist

The Avocadoes

Cheez is also the GM for the Team 13 RP (Zombies 2) and obviously has a character in it. Follow the link to the RP to read about him. He's also GM for the Outbreak RP

Crossover/Forum Wars

As well as having Cheez (the character) as a member of the EGS-DF, Cheez is the creator of The Organisation, a Feminazi group who have allied themselves with ChibiVOR and, by extension, the Evil Overlords United. He also created the Mayhem People's liberation Front, a group of 'freedom fighters' opposed to the government Ajac and the rest of the DF is trying to form and the civillian casualties the wars have caused.


His sanity, reason, logic, ETC is represented by a goblin called Nihtgenga, who is also the reason why he likes vikings, the Norse, ETC. His hatred, violence and aggression are represented by a small suit of black, red-glowing armour called Hyksos. No one likes him. Insanity, randomness, ETC is represented by 'Thing', a vaguely humanoid (usually) thing whose form is constantly changing. All three are usually small enough to stand on someone's shoulder but if one is indulged more than the others, it will grow while its opposite will shrink. Activity outside Cheez's head has also been known to let them grow, but without oppositional shrinkage.

There is a veritable jamboree of other muses, but these haven't seen fit to leave his head yet.

Currently, IC Cheez is unaware of the fact that he has muses.


His current inventory is:

  • 1 Brightsuit-2 with nanite coating for use of claws and jaws (worn)^
  • 1 cerebro-cortical implant (Implanted into brain. Allows better control of brightsuit.)
  • 1 FLEET skinsuit, modified with Uryuom fabric tech (used as a spare for the Brightsuit)^^
  • 1 consecrated hydrogen particle beam rifle
  • 1 Bunny Berets beret (worn)
  • 1 ID Badge (worn)
  • 1 Low-output Electrolaser Stunner w/holster
  • 3 Vouchers redeemable for uniform, 1 Voucher redeemable for combat equipment
  • 1 set of TDF combat armour
  • 1 Multi-function Communications device
  • a radio watch
  • a forcefield generator
  • a handful of confetti
  • a mugful of glass beads
  • a TF-grenade
  • a dead fish
  • a TF gun
  • MAH BREN GUN! (A modified Bren Gun.)
  • A squirrel teddy
  • an Elliot plushie
  • a can of lead paint (half full)
  • 4 cans of unlabelled soda
  • 2 shiny hubcaps
  • a cracker
  • part of Death Bunny's small intestine
  • a solid cube of gas
  • a pair of cracker-coloured sunglasses
  • a dissassembled Flak 88 antiaircraft/tank gun
  • An ammunition replicator set to 88mm antiaircraft shells
  • the symbol for mercury (I found the snowman!)
  • A bottle full of the ultimate weapon- CILLIT BANG!!!
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 mini-squirel
  • An Infinite Scroll of Doom-Ish
  • A chrome bumper
  • Several bottles of 'Glowing Boomshine'
  • A mini-shrubbery
  • An unmarked pack of what could be gum
  • A jar of blood and small bits of flesh, 'donated' by Arkan
  • At least one greep (a weird looking animal that looks kind of like a frog with fly eyes, a tail and fangs, the size of a medium sized dog.), probably several. called Mawk.
  • One AN-J127 Mjolnir class frigate. 9Unable to take out of inventory unless either the pouch is enlarged, the ship shrunk or a secondary, larger, opening made.
  • a pouch with pocket-dimension technology to put them all in.

^The suit can change it's appearance to whatever you want. Internal and external TF emmiters- The internal one will automatically turn you to normal form if you get zapped into a form that cannot fight, and you can also use the implant to have it zap you with a specific form. The external ones are in the palms of the hands, and again use your implant to select a form to blast others with. Suit has some armour capabilities and can prevent user death due to pressure (EG in space)

^^The suit has armour and memetic defences as well as Uryuom fabric tech. No built-in TF gun, though.

Weekly music link

In Cheez's signature, there is a link called 'Music link of the week!'. Surprisingly, it's a link to a piece of music he likes, changed roughly every week unless he forgets, doesn't have time or is otherwise unable to. They are usually on YouTube or some similar site. Please note that they may contain swearing or violence in the videos and the music itself. While Cheez tries to post the best video he can find for the song, sound quality is always top priority and many songs simply don't have good videos available, so while the music itself is good (In Cheez's opinion), the music videos will sometimes suck.

This feature was deemed too much hassle and replaced by a link to a random thing that chanmges whenever the hell Cheez feels like it.


  • He is a loyal member of the EGS Defence Force, and has the honour of seriously wounding Agent Bunny. He was almost killed at the Battles of the Mall and the Park and was wounded in the assault on the EOU headquarters. He was also killed in the effort to recapture Too Many Authors. He is currently a Captain, and has been described as a 'bloodthirsty lunatic'.
  • He sometimes greets newbies, and gives them shiny hubcaps and cans of mackerel. He also gives half eaten cheese sandwiches, gas masks, solid cubes of gas and glass bottles, among other things. Sometimes, he gives rulers. Not rulers as in a straight edged piece of stationary used for measuring stuff, but former leaders of countries. This happens very rarely (So far he's only given out 4). He has no idea where they come from, they just turn up in his pouch.
  • For birthdays and deityhoods, he gives diamond-studded hubcaps.
  • His name is often misspelled by other posters- usually this means he gets called 'Cheeze' and sometimes even 'cheese'. I AM NOT A DAIRY PRODUCT! He doesn't really mind the former, but the latter gets him a bit angry and paranoid- he's had some bad experiences on the CRFH forum where people did mistake him for cheese.
  • He's the Earl of Sandwiches in Kraggi's court.
  • His favourite snack food is the Cornish Pasty.
  • Engaged in a deathmatch with MDM: The fight ended in a stalemate because Lomgren and some others started whining about it.

What the other bunnies think of me

Yeah. Got the idea for this from Burningblood(who is awesome) who got it from someone else. Basically, you guys say what you think of me.

  • *Glomps* you needed someone to say something to you Kgirl1992 15:57, 12 July 2007 (EDT) *hugs back* Muchos thankyous- Cheez
  • He's cool and stuff. And he helped rescue me. That counts for something. -LittleBeast
  • Usually the first to tell me when I've messed up a slay post, great guy. --Yreomyr 06:31, 29 December 2007 (EST)
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