Jared Brown

From Egs Mayhem

Name- Jared 'Jarhead' Brown

Age- 38

Gender- male

Species- human

Height- 6'7

Eyes- black

Hair- Would be dark brown, but is shaved bald.

Appearance- the term 'built like a brick s***house' definitely applies to him. He's one big ugly mass of muscle. He has tattoos on his upper arms. He wears army trousers and a green Tshirt (when not in uniform, if Ivan's henchmen wear one) and his dogtags.

Personality- Violent, quick to anger, but does as he's told. He's the kind of guy whose idea of a fun night out is to find a group of innocent people and beat the stuffing out of them.

Powers- Other than being very strong and having high pain tolerance, none.

Weaknesses- He's pretty thick.

Job- Ivan's Bodyguard History- An ex-Marine, he was dishonourably discharged after hospitalising an officer and two military policemen in a fight. He went into the mercenary business for a few years, fighting for/training various groups in Africa, South America and occasionally Europe, before finding a permanent job as Ivan's bodyguard. He enjoys violence. He's also not above a little bribery/ betrayal if he thinks he can get away with it.

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