Michael "Mike" Suidae

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Cheez's character in the Nest RP

  • Name: Michael (Mike) Suidae
  • CodeName: Boar Tusk
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 19
  • DNA Mix: 30% human, 69% boar, 1% other (trace)
  • Abilities: Physically strong and a fast runner. Is good at armed melee combat and is equally good (better when transformed) at unarmed combat. He's a rubbish shot when it comes to firearms, but he's alright with weapons that rely more on laying down fire than accuracy, EG machine guns.
  • Personality: He's rather stupid, and often has to read aloud. He's usually dependent on one of his smarter squadmates to tell him what to do. He's very loyal to his squad because of this. He enjoys fighting and sparring matches with him often get out of hand.
  • Appearance (Human): 5'3, stocky build. Has black, buzz-cut hair, black eyes that seem slightly too close to each other and stubby fingers and toes. Wears combat boots and trousers and a black T-shirt.
  • Appearnace: (Mixed): His posture becomes slightly hunched (like Guineas) and his face becomes more boar-like, with a snout and tusks. He has a short, bristly black fur, which forms into a mohican-like thing on his head. He grows a tail.
  • Backround: Made no attempts to escape. Ever. This is partly due to him never thinking of it and partly due to the fact that he was always happy in the Nest.

He was created to be the perfect soldier- strong, aggressive and intelligent (the reason they used boar DNA). Two out of three's not bad...

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