Nest RP

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An RP created by Kalga and focusing on shapeshifting assassins. For all purposes, dead.


Whilst the Americans were busy developing Grace and her "brothers", the parent company established another facility in Scotland, designed in part to continue the research should anything befall the original. There was practically no official communication between the labs - rather, the secret one, or "Department Q" as it was called, simply copied the notes and files made by the original.

Imagine this. You are a part animal/part human hybrid. You have been raised as a assassin since the day of your birth. You are seen as a outcast to modern society. You live in secrecy. Work in anonymity. you are the Men...wait..wrong..oh...

You are a shape shifting assassin. This is your life. This is your story.

You play as a shape shifting assassin. It's a RP about the lives of assassins in a different nest as Grace, in A Hole in the ground leading to a stairwell, Scotland. The year is 2000. The character's don't have to be Scottish...

Squads: Kalga is dividing the group into two squads, so not everyone is talking with everyone. They all have contact with each other, and will form one giant squad later.


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