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Bains current Avatar. A Ermine.

Bainhart (Born November 29, 22992 B.C.) is a bunny normally to be found on EGS Mayhem.


Bainhart the Character

Name: Bainhart of the Rushah clan.

Tribal Name: Bäio (Bay-Oh)

Nickname: Bain

Age: 25,000

Sex: Male

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Class: Fian


                    Meteoromancy (Weather Magic)
                            Cryromancy (Ice Magic)
                    Onmyou Magic (Summoning Kami, or Spirits.)
                    Umbramancy (Shadow magic)
                    Blue Magic (Time Magic)
                    Electromancy (Very little) 
                    Healing Magic
              Bladed Weapons
                            Plug Bayonets
                            Nodachi (Named: Sohi)
                            Scythe or Sickle
                            Scottish Claymores
                            Moje Machete (Can only be used on Bains homeworld) [1]
                            Karst Chains (A pair of weapons that are  whips made out of disks, that are also blades. By concealing                           
                                         these in the long sleeves of his clothes, Bain is able to quickly strike with them before              
                                         his opponent can see them, serving good confusion. Bain normally doesn't wear these and has
                                          never used them before, but they are his primary weapon, given to him at his manhood 
              Projectile Weapons
                            H&K MK24 Mod 0 (USSOCOM)
                            SIG P226
                            Mateba Revolver
                            Saiga 12
                            AMT Hardballer Longslide
                            Mossberg 500
                            Mauser 98k
                            GIAT FAMAS 
                            Massive Strength
                            Accelerated Healing
                            Bottomless Stomach (To fuel magic)
                            Enhanced Senses 
                            Kamai, a Weasel
                                        Level: Unknown

Weaknesses: Loves Scotch, though not alcoholic level.

Religion: Zen Buddhist

Race: Ctarl-Ctarl

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 156.2 lbs

Blood Tpye: BO(+) (I am includeing the genome)

Build: A bit muscular

Appearance: He has Scruffy Greyish/White hair, cut short in the front, put into a long ponytail in the back going down to his waist, the ponytail is black tipped. He has red eyes which turn Grey-blue when using high magicks.. His skin is slightly tanned. He still has his prehensile tail which resembles his ponytail. His ears are about six inches long, three inches wide. They are white with black tufts n them. He is 5'8" and 120 pounds in this form. There are blue runes throughout his body, but they only manifest when using some spells, unless he wants them too. These help cover up scars on his back that read "Love, Expose, Delete" that run down from the top to the bottom of his back. On the left side of his neck he has a tattoo signifying his clan. He wears clothing somewhat like the Ainu people of Japan. He also wears Black fingerless gloves.On his right wrist he wears blue Buddhist Beads. Around his neck he wears a string of large blue Buddhist beads, but sometimes he will wear a Deegan Scarf if it's so cold he can't take it, even though Ice is his elemental affinity. For formal wear he will wear robes similar to the Ainu Tribesman of Northern Japan. He will sometimes wear metal bracers, that have a large space under his wrist. which are is Karst Chains. He will also wear, only on his home world a piece of light-cloth or Dizruha [2]. These are essentially two metal disks attached to the belt which produce the cloth in the picture. These are all TF Resistant. In this form he will also wear two claymores on his back in special sheaths which expose most of the blade, so one is able to put the blade into a better position to draw it. Other times he will carry them in a black sack with a cow skull on the opening. They have Celtic Carvings so that they never break, rust, or change in anyway. When he wears his guns he wears his P226 on his right hip, his Revolver on his left, hardballers in shoulder holsters under his hakama and his 500 on his back along with FAMAS.

Personality: His knowledge of magic and such is vast, and he is very resourceful in all forms of combat. He seems to have considerable computer skills. Bain often acts as an adviser in most things, though there are times his judgement and/or advice leaves much to be desired. He is skilful at analyzing dangerous situation and coming up with countermeasure when most others are in state of panic. is also quite good at analyzing individual strength and character. Unfortunately he likes to not use these skills, preferring to watch others struggle. Dislikes warm weather. Considers the idealism of "wanting to save everyone" as nave, impossible, weak, and delusional. Knows far more than any person should without effort. Not entirely willing to share his information. He has a fairly calm, laid back attitude, and seems to prefer self-enjoyment more then actual success. Does not know about this Dimension. He is very good at giving advice, but in a weird way. If advice is needed, expect it to come out rough. Even though Cryomancy specificity that doesn't mean he is not well versed in magic.

Kamai: Every family has a spirit of some sort. The Rosner family's house spirit was a C'rel. Or, in english, Weasel.All members of the family get transformed, using magic, into it. Then the Crystal of Spalatum is used, In english it is called the Dewitchery Diamond. After the split with it the duplicate becomes the familiar of the Clan Member. His familiar Kamai is the reasult.


So far, this is what has been reveled and what I have made up.

All Ctarl-Ctarl display the same lunar based ability's, but on this world, having no moon, that power is of little use. Most of this world join Warrior bands called Fianna, which are composed of about 15 family's going back up to 6 generations active in the bands at the same time. These Fianna (Singular: Fian) act much like tribes in South America or the Native Africans. The Fianna who live in the Rain Forrest act are slightly different from those in the Savanna, with their culture like the South American people, while (strangely enough) act like The Native African tribes.All Fianna, when they reach adulthood, are branded with two tattoos. One being the runes. These runes allow a finer control over one element, but a small determent to the opposite. The other is a clan marking. Bains is on the left side of his neck. (Will upload picture of it later.) Unlike the tribes in real life however, these have technology called Moje. This Moje is technology powered by magic. The Average lifespan is 85,000

For the geological makeup of Bains world is that it is mostly Savanna, Rain Forrest, and Sea. The Seas make up about 60% of the landscape. 20% is Savanna, and the remaining is Rain Forrest. It has two suns. One larger sun, Which is orbited by the planet; and one smaller one, which orbits the planet.

Bainhart the Player

  • Had observed the EGS Board for about for months while waiting for his account to get accepted
  • Will eventually join Fort mayhem Has turned up at Fort Mayhem
  • Has a relative on boards, Not saying who, but his and my pages are very similar.
  • Both me and Bain the Character think other bunnies make up words...
  • Designs Logos. But since none are EGS themed has never posted any on the boards. Why they are not on his deviantART is unknown, even to him.

Rules for Communicating with Bainhart

These Rule apply everywhere. OCC, RP, IM. Everywhere. (Only Vampiress_Kat is allowed to Violate these rules because I'm her minion.)

  • No Touching (This includes: Hugs,Glomps, poking)
  • No Pink Font. (Really just IM only)
  • No saying "nummy"
  • No small talk
  • If you need to apologize to me, you must give me a picture of a LOL Cat
  • No Seduction Scrolls (See It Takes a Village to Raise a Seyunolu )
  • No puns
  • No licking...Don't ask.


  • It Takes a Village to Raise a Seyunolu
  • Chaotic Intentions: (Subtitled as Tach wills it)
  • Fort Mayhem (On assignment in another thread)
  • Last Post Wins!!!!!!!
  • Nest RP
  • MERA RP: (Ever changing Subtitle)
  • Club Mayhem

Variants and Personifications

  • Bain Mayhem In Fort Mayhem
  • Bain 0907 in It takes a village to raise a Seynolu and Mega-Mall
  • Bain LPW in LPW , does not know he has counterparts
  • Chaotic Bain in Chaotic Intentions, stupidest Bain. Modeled after Hero from RPG World.
  • ChibiBain: The only total OOC character. ChibiBain wears a typical stereotypical college professor outfit and has a pointer. Appears to give information about Bain in OOC.
  • AngelBain: Appears as a Female Variant Five, so Bain will listen to her more. Basically Bains 'Good' Conscious.
  • DevilBain: Also Female Variant Five'd so Bain will listen to her more. Anti-thesis to AngelBain.



  • He has a Slight Scottish Accent.
  • Can turn into a Weasel, particularly a Stoat (Unless its Winter, in which case he is an Ermine). He used to almost exclusively be in this form when he was a newbie, for it would decrees his chances of getting glomped. Now almost never uses it.
  • He has recently realized that Squata can't kill him because Vampiress kat is his master. That would be like killing one of Kats Pets.
  • Theme Song: "What Planet is this?!" by The Seatbelts off Ask DNA

Inventory of the Player

  • 3 TF Guns
  • 3 six packs of unlabeled soda
  • 3 Squirrel Teddies
  • 3 dead fish
  • 2 cookie
  • 1 cookie wrapped in no-longer-shiny plastic
  • 1 Shiny plastic to replace the no-longer-shiny plastic with
  • Improved Ball of Ekiness(Given by EkiEki)
  • Infinite Scroll O' Doom-Ish from LittleBeast
  • Yarn Ball o' Distraction from Kalga
  • 1 TF Shield from mind-controlled-bunny@_@
  • 1 30-foot tall, blue-and-white, animate, time-travelling yoshi plushie, told that you are it's master. From the Great Yoshi Rider
  • 1 blue-and-white plushie muffin. Feed it to your plushie and he might take you time-travelling! From the Great Yoshi Rider
  • 1 blue-and-white yard stick with one blue-and-white inch missing. From the Great Yoshi Rider
  • Some blue-and-white Canada Money, because I think some of their money really is blue and some is white. From the Great Yoshi Rider
  • 1 Uryuom Work Suit, given by Shadowwing
  • 1 Enchanted Diamond Katana (includes matching sheath), given by Shadowwing
  • a can of mackerel from Cheez
  • shiny hubcap from Cheez
  • bag of salt-n-glass cookies from Cheez
  • a (weasel sized) hat saying (literally. It speaks.) [loop]"Weasely, weasely weasely"[/loop] (Which he will never wear) from Cheez
  • 1 Evolution Gun given to be Ankhareon for a OOC Key.

Inventory of the Character

  • Snow White Mantle
    *Protection from Cold
    *Time-Space Teleportation 
  • Blue and White Ikupasi
    *Sheathes upper chest and arms into a bone-like armor complete with bone like wing structure. When flight is wanted pale blue     folds of 'skin' appear.
     *Allows mental communication with anyone Bain has met.
  • Tribal Wear [1] (That is not what Bain looks like.)
      *Increase magical ability three-fold.
      *Ideal temperature kept threw magic.
  • Magic Tome
     A journal like book which Bain can write in and them wipe clear sending the information he wrote to a large, 4 foot across, tome. Only accepts Ctarl-Ctarl, but that is just a personal preference of his.

Stuff Bainhart has Given out

  • 1 Newbie pack to Rokk
  • 1 Claymore of Scottish-ness to Rokk
  • 1 Claymore from the Battle of Killiecrankie to WB's mon-baby...BABY
  • 1 Claymore of Scottish-ness to Goimez
  • 1 Claymore of Scottish-ness to Kirochi
  • 1 Can of Tomatoes to Bokasha
  • 1 Can of Tomatoes to ParaDyne
  • 1 Can of Tomatoes to Dark Oblivion
  • 1 Can of Tomatoes to Sirtalmor
  • 1 Key that locks the realm to OOC to Ankhareon in exchange for a Evolution Gun
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