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The Avatar he's using right now. Sapphire returns! Still drawn by Drayco, and also avatarized by him much better than I ever could.

This guy is crazy. Don't mess with him.



Author-Man is currently GMing SeeD 2.0. He does not intend to let it die this time.

He is a PC in many, many, many RPs. And is too lazy to bother keeping track any more.

This Section Does Not Exist


As of now, the only characters he has on the wiki who he still uses are the ones in


This Section Also Does Not Exist


  • Lives in Qatar, in the Middle East. It is shiny.
  • Created the Evilpurpleyoshi, a running gag that no one remembers or cares about except him.
  • Has a god complex.
  • This bullet left intentionally blank.
  • Has had very bad luck with RPs. Don't ask.
  • Loves tha Yoshi, tha Moogle, and tha NINJAAAAA!
  • is dead sexy.
  • Is completely insane (of course, on Mayhem, this almost goes without saying...)
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