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Pugnacious catgirl who can set things on fire with her mind. That's about it.


The Basics

Name - Ruby Yamato.
Age - Unknown.
Gender - Female.
Height - 5'9"


Yet another catgirl. She wears loose-fitting clothing, specifically sweatpants and sweatshirts. Unlike Sapphire, however, she does so for the freedom of movement sweat-clothing allows, not to hide her figure, which is average (and I don't mean catgirl average, either, which is, like, breasts the size of planets). Like Sapphire and Emerald, she has a colour scheme. Her eyes are blood red, her hair is red and short, and her fur is orange.


Ruby likes to fight. She trains in numerous made up martial arts schools, along with a few real ones. She considers herself to be a decent street-fighter,and prides herself in her unarmed combat skills. She is very vocal and has many strong opinions.


Besides her fist-fighting skills, she is also a fairly inexperienced Pyrokinetic. Like Sapphire, her abilities are very limited, and she has almost no control over them.

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