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Name: Sapphire Ryo.

Age: Appears to be in her mid-to-late twenties. Actual age is unknown.

Sex: Female.

Appearance: To get things out of the way, Sapphire is an anthro mouse. There. I said it. She wears very baggy clothing, mostly with a Japanese influence, and has blue hair/fur/etc. She has shoulder length blue hair. On top of her blue fur. Her eyes are also blue. And her name is Sapphire. Anyone sensing a pattern here?

Demeanor: In the (seemingly!) short time since leaving Mossy Knoll, Sapphire seems to have overcome her shyness, and replaced it with much more minor anger management issues. She still has serious self esteem issues, but, in her mind, she has bigger issues, and can mostly ignore them in a soial setting. She has gotten more talkative and social in the meantime, and is much better at making friends than she had been. One last note; her memories of Mossy Knoll are very vague. She will recognize the town, but none of the people she met while there.

Profession: Innkeeper, bitterly cynical little thing.

Notable abilities: Sapphire has a knack for Water magic of both Black and White variety. She can, to a certain degree, manipulate water. She is significantly more skilled than she was when she was last in Mossy Knoll, though she has lost a lot of her potential power in the meantime.

Notable Objects: None.

House: Used to have a room in Art's house.

Background info: Sapphire, after getting back from Mossy Knoll, believed the whole thing to have been a dream, albeit a very vivid one. This was cemented by the fact that her memories of life before coming to Mossy Knoll in the dream were different from her actual memories. She continued to live her life as a Final Fantasy-esque innkeeper, until one day she met a young Black Mage named Milla SinClaire. Milla claimed to be the embodiment of something called 'the call'; Sapphire was destined to go on an epic adventure, accompanied by Milla and her twin brother Bishop. Sapphire ignored the crazy person. Unfortunately for Sapphire, the call knows where you live. I think you know where this is going.

Yeah. there were explosions, and Saph was dragged into an Adventure, kicking and screaming all the way in a very Bilbo Baggins-esque manner. Over the course of her adventure, she met a mysterious swordsman named Gilgamesh who for some reason took a liking to her to the point that he became a super badass whenever she was threatened. She confronted an assassin trio who for some reason were out for her blood. She discovered that her innate water manipulation talent came form genetic manipulation, specifically when one of the other Five results of the same experiment went insane and was killed by her world's Big Bad.

Eventually, she discovered the following; the scientists who had made her had accidentally created the perfect avatars for a set of Ancient Elder God types. After emerging barely victorious in a mental battle with her universe's equivalent of Azathoth (with the help of Bishop, Milla, and Gilgamesh), Sapphire discovered that she had lost most of her godlike abilities, but on the plus side she was secure in her sanity and not doomed to a rather depressing fate.

Then she made the mistake of letting Gilgamesh navigate, and ended up back here again.

Other info: None of note.

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