MKRP Emerald

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Happy, cuddly anthrofox girl. Yes, another one. She isn't a foxkin, though.


The basics

Name- Emerald Itara.
Age- Unknown.
Gender- Female.
Height- 5'7"


Anthro Vixen! Like the other characters, she has a colour scheme. Green eyes, dark green hair that reaches below her waist and is tied into a ponytail, and blue green fur. She wears jeans and a plain t-shirt, almost invariably. The specific t-shirt will change, but the jeans are all pretty much the same. She doesn't quite live up to the 'foxy lady' stereotype, but she is quite pretty.


Bubbly, bouncy, fun-fun-fun. She loves hugging, cuddling, and making new friends. This is not to say she's naive; she just acts like it. Underneath the childlike innocence, she is very intelligent and knows her way around the kitchen.


First off, she is an excellent chef. World class, at best. Also, and more importantly, she is an Electrokinetic. She can manipulate electricity, and can do so much more efficiently than the others. Her skills only apply to relatively small amounts, though; she can manipulate a great deal of static electricity, but not enough to cause any serious harm and definitely not enough to power anything.

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