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IceTigerLily, otherwise known as ITL or Lily, has realised how old this page is and has decided to completely revamp it. Ugh, I can see the cobwebs everywhere. This is gonna take months to clean!


IceTigerLily has always had an on/off relationship with Mayhem. She'd be there for about a month and then bugger off for three months before coming back again. But for now, she's back, complete with corsets aplenty.

If for any reason ITL has decided to not turn up in Mayhem, feel free to contact her via her MSN or AIM. She'll usually be there. She has no life like that.

IceTigerLily's Characters




Seriously, why should I need to have this list anyway? There's only going to be even more who are dead anyway. I never updated their profiles anyway...


  • IceTigerLily is known to be a fan of The Lommy Treatment
  • She attends many corset parties with HammerQueen
  • She has also started her own webcomic, "I'm Sorry For...", which for some strange reason people STILL like.
  • She has Mangled Hands Of Fury.
  • She has a special form of discipline for when FerretBob ridicules her.
  • She would like any fellow Bunnies to leave their mark on her page, as you can see in the next section.
  • She would finally like to thank MDM for spell-checking her wiki page. Even Spelling Nazis make mistakes.

What the Other Bunnies Think

I think, therefore I am. - a bunny

I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUU! - Burningblood

I feel the strong desire to draw us in corsets...~ the corsetted flop ;P

I confess - I too am a fan of "I'm Sorry For..." - there, I've said it. -Oz

I'm a fan of ISF now too. ^^; - Artmoogle/Drayco.

So I recently discovered DeviantArt (some internet geek I am, eh?) and while in the process of going through every bunny's DA gallery as part of a not-so-covert reconnaissance mission to recruit an artist for my webcomic I too got sucked into reading the entirety of I'm Sorry For... and really thought it was great and had really cool topical humor that I normally don't employ however it really really works when done right which is so in this case. - CPUX (Read it fast for extra funniness)

We all love you, ITL ~ Author-Man

I'm speechless. -MDM

Welcome back to Mayhem! *Gives you a picture of you holding the picture* ~Who?

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