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One of FB's more recent avatars
FerretBob the character and representitive on Mayhem



FerretBob occurs in nature in three forms, Forumite, Warion and KeenFansium. The most often encountered is Forumite. He's a strange lad, is that FerretBob, hailing from England, but has a good sense of humour and good taste in music. He's smart and a bit shy but can be ridiculously sweet if you feel under the weather or just generally unhappy. Or just in general; he is one of the sweetest most wonderful lads you will ever encounter.

On the forums he is known for sporadic posting in the various transient threads and some of the would-be games, and for his keen involvement in the Myriad Genesis and Duplicates RPs.

Art is sometimes attempted, and he is not very good at it, though sometimes disheartened by his LSE.

He is highly strung and easily annoyed, a fact which annoys him.

He is musically obsessed and can occasionally be seen posting lyrics wherever appropriate, similarly to fellow Bunny Grim Atescu, with whom he once had a duel in Let's Count to a Million!!! resulting in him winning by posting Dream Theatre's Octavarium with full lyrics and instrumental break times.

FerretBob's Characters



Current RPs


  • Is a sufferer of LSE.
  • Is also pursued by IceTigerLily for ridiculing her many times. No really, she has her own FB Mallet!
  • Is a staunch supporter of gay rights. Under the impression that homophobia is no different from racism and sexism, and everyone gets stomping on them don't they?
  • Is a master of Puppy Dog Eyes
  • Created The Squata Song. Surprisingly, is not dead yet.
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