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hammerqueen is a twitchy odd sort of kitty who tends to be very liberal with affection and pet names for those to whom she is close, but ironically is put off by those who desire it when she is not particularly close to them (*coughpixelcough*). She's also sarcastic, weird, neurotic, tired, wary, suspicious, and at times moody or even cheerful. She tries to be there for her friends or even just about anyone who needs someone to talk to, but rarely expects people to do the same for her; she is, however, disappointed in inconstant people most of the time. She was reluctantly initiated into the masses of bunnies one evening by Sanchay, where she neglected to post for several months until again pressured by the same bunny. After that, she posted nonstop for months, mostly in LPW, and then Duplicates RP, joining other RPs until all the things she'd been avoiding caught up with her and tied her to a chair. Now rarely able to post as frequently as she might wish, she tries to at least keep up to date with her friends. She tends to be somewhat shy and even reclusive when left to her own devices. Despite her name, she rarely uses the hammers except when provoked or in dire circumstances; use of them implies that she found it extremely justifiable at the time. Nicknames are mostly limited to HQ, unless she is close enough to you to allow first-name or other names. You know who you are. If she doesn't call you by your first name, you probably shouldn't call her by hers, even if you do know it. She's just picky like that, I guess.

Physical description

General: About 5 ft 2, 117 pounds, with gold-brown hair with bangs that just reaches her hips, lighter coloured, short fur, and a long, very fluffy tail. Her glasses are black rimmed and rectangular or square, her eyes are similar in colour to her hair, but the glasses she requires at all times so as to not trip over short tables, stools, or people, as well as to make out basic shapes (lolblind). She sometimes agrees with Sanchay on the colour of her hair, which is described as a "toasty-brown." Tends to wear dark/neutral colours. She is widely regarded as one of the cuter bunnies, despite not trying to be, and tends not to see why; it particularly confuses/mildly disturbs her when bunnies she has never spoken to seem to know who she is and think exceptionally highly of her/are extremely convinced she's just the cutest/coolest thing ever.

(She is easily disturbed.)

Kraggi himself has deigned say "You're a very cute fat old man."


Ben Basic

Violet Lovell

Kailin Beckett and Dante

Former RPs

Duplicates RP

Moperville RP 2.0

Villains RP

Magical School RP



She uses words like lass and lad more than most people older than her.

She tends to draw quite a lot and has an internet addiction. She relatedly has a deviantArt site where her stuff can be looked at or even read.

She's a college art student.

She enjoys comics, coffee, cats, (this program is brought to you by the letter C)(And the number 3) and Shakespeare.

She also enjoys corset parties with IceTigerLily.

Has a thing about proper grammar/spelling.

Also about being honest.

Is known by some to be inherently evil (::coughcough::Devil Women::/coughcough:: -Mahadeo)

Also for being quite random at times.

Is a hoarder of quotes.

Appeared in Chapter 3 of MDM's Mayhem FanFic having a corset party with ITL. Subsequently caught and hammered Malachy19.

She was unaware of the above until just now.

Yes! It was SOOOOOOOOOOOO fun to write! (says mdm without adding that 'twas he who wrote it) (Gasp! My cover is blown! Must retreat! *Flees*)

She has also been in two of KylenPhylar's fan fics, and one of Malachy19's.

Acquired Titles, Comments, and Quotes About or Related to hammerqueen

Feel free to add to it!


"HQ: rebel without a cause!" -Kraggi

"A kindred evil spirit" -Malachy19

"Ensaring the hearts of innocent forumites since 2006" -Kraggi

"Well besides the STARE OF DEATH, you seem like a nice person enough." -Drayco

"You are an evil little girl. ...Most evil thing I know." -Kalga

Catgirl Goddess of Grammar, yarnballs, and catnip according to Kalga and Mahadeo

"You can prey on me any day." -Zacair

"YOU CRAZY!" -Kraggi

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