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Malachy the Author

Mal, also known as Frankie M the Fourth, is a fanboy who lives in in the greatest state in the Union, New Jersey. He works as an internet sales rep for Toyota of Hackensack and he spends most of his time, and hard earned money, on anime, videogames, and RPGs, both console and pen & paper.

Malachy the Character

Malachy is a white mage and half-celestial cursed with immortality. He is very kind, and equally shy and timid, blushing a lot. He loves to cuddle, as well as hug. He has broken a few hearts however, for women misinterperting his kindness for something more. He has a fetish for cat girls, wolf girls, fox girls, and generally any cute girls with tails and cute ears.


Other stuff

  • Once blew up MDM's head.
  • Appeared in MDM's Mayhem FanFic, where he spied on a corset party. Subsequently caught and hammered by HammerQueen. (That's for blowing up my head!!!!)
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