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The new account of Bainhart.

Mahadeo the Character

Name: Madhya Mahadeo (Family Name, Given Name)

Nickname: Maha

Age: Appears late 20's

Sex: Male

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Class: Vagrant


                   Metalmancy (Control of Metals, this includes being able to control any metal he wishes, no matter the size or          
                   type of metal. He is also able to turn parts of himself into metal, in almost a scale-like flexible armor and is  
                   able to use his surroundings to seemingly create metal out of thin air. He can also eat metal to regain stamina,   
                   but does not eat his own created metal.)
                    Other Elemental Magic
                    Healing Magic (Some)
                    Reality Marble (A perfect fighting zone for him. Only people he alows in the Reality will be able to   
                    enter. Nobody but them can enter)
                    Uses FF groupings for his magic (White, Black, Green, Red, Blue, etc.)
                  Note: For non-elemental magic he has to use Sigils drawn in the air.
                            Massive Strength
                            Accelerated Healing
                            Bottomless Stomach (To fuel magic)
                            Enhanced Senses 
                            Almost any melee weapon made of metal. 
                            Two guns which resemble S&W 500's (In look only as they are top breaks)
                            Cainia (a wolf)

Race: Dera-Dera (My name for that Were-Wolf race from Episode 18 of Outlaw Star)

Fighting Style: Hoke Shadow Boxing

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 160

Blood Type: BO(+) (I am includeing the genome)

Build: Athletic

Appearance: Unlike most all my other characters Mahadeo does not have the ponytail mullet. He wears his long blond hair down to the middle of his back, and normally wears a dark blue or brown bandanna, slightly covering his eyes. Coming from a desert he prefers the neutral colors of brown, tan, and white. The only constants of his outfit is the tan duster coat he always wears, as well as his backpack and wide-brimmed (a foot and a half) fedora, as well as a calf length crimson scarf, which at the bottom has two pitures of gold gears.. These three articles of clothing are also imbued with magic, as to always keep the perfect temperature and be waterproof. On his left hand, middle finger, is a small band of blue metal. Mahadeo has a almost permanent stubble, from not having a home and normally not needing any need to shave. He also normally has bandaged hands because of his fighting style. His skin is tanned from having lived on Dera-Dera most of his life. He normally has a wind grin on his face. He has three claw-like scars on the right side of his neck, which cuts threw the strange tattoo he has, but it is covered by his scarf most the time. He also wears chains as a belt and chains looped threw that. He also wears three bracelets on each hand made up of ball-bearings, which he can use as makeshift bullets. He jingles whenever he walks because of this. He also wears his guns in holsters on a loose fitting belt. One bears the inscription "Love" and the other has "Peace" in a refrence to the best anime, in my opinion Trigun.

Personality: His main personality quirk is that he doesn't like sleeping indoors, mainly because he has been a voluntary hobo for the majority of his life. He often prays to his worlds god of Travel: Douglas Adams. He is very loving of his fedora, almost to Capitan Jack levels. He is also very passionate about his revolvers. He often speaks philosophically and sometimes in cryptic riddles. He will sometimes spend all night staying up just to think up new riddles. He is goal in life is to go to Magrathea because he does not believe that 42 is the correct answer because it is not to the right question. He normally just takes life as it comes. He is normally a pacifist, unless in self-defense, where then he is one of the most competent fighters in the universe. He is also an avid fan of Doctor Who, often carrying things he has made from the show. This includes the 3-d glasses, and the laser and sonic-screwdrivers.

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