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One year ago there was a zombie outbreak in St. Lucia, a town on England's coast. Since then, they have spread across the world. In the UK, there are several scattered groups of survivors. One of these groups is located near St. Lucia: An army unit has occupied and fortified a village called Crealey, about 10 miles north of the town. Survivors from St. Lucia and the surviving area (Including any of the original cast who will be played) came here, responding to radio messages sent out by the soldiers. Some of these survivors have been organised into groups, called Teams. These are responsible for getting fuel, food, weapons and other equipment from outside Crealey, as well as zombie hunting and helping defend the village. Players will be members of Team 13, hence the RP's name.


  • The army unit just defends Crealey, as they don't have enough men to spare for scavenging. Due to the chaos at the start of the outbreak and the fact that they didn't get any resupplies afterwards, only about 75% of them have guns/ enough ammunition to use them. The soldiers mainly use SA80 assault rifles, with a few LSWs and a couple of sniper rifles.
  • Player's weapons: 2 players will be allowed handguns and 1 will be allowed a double-barrel hunting shotgun and 1, maybe 2 people will be allowed a sports bow. Other than that, it's melee weapons only. With the firearms, just say you want one- it's first copme, first served.
  • Players can use their old character from the Zombies RP (If they were in it) or make a new one.
  • Minimum character age= 14
  • Zombies aren't the only threat- there are also one or two other groups of survivors, not all of whom are friendly.

Notable NPCs

  • Major John Samson

Age: 47 Appearance: 6'5, short grey hair, stocky build, army uniform

Army commander, default leader of Crealey

  • Lt. Philip Webb

Age: 38 Appearance: 6'7, short brown hair, skinny, army uniform.

A good organiser, he was put in charge of the Teams.

Team members:

  • Alex Johnson- 18. 5' 7, blonde hair, short beard. Wears biker trousers, combat jacket, swimming goggles. Weapons- WW1 trench knife. Team driver.
  • Pyotir Miljkovic- 35, 6', bald. Polish. Wears thick wool jumper, dust mask, industrial goggles. Weapons- meat cleaver, space mace. Nickname = Milky.
  • Linda Gardner- 23. Short blonde hair. Wears denim jacket, dust mask. Weapons- shovel
  • Shaun Baker- 28. Black hair, wears glasses and police body armour. Weapons- cricket bat


Name: Jake Marsh

Age: 30

Appearance: 6'0, muscular build. Medium length brown hair, brown eyes. Usually wears a leather jacket, a black Tshirt, combat trousers and police issue boots.

Personality: Calm, dependable, a good leader. Dislikes putting his team at risk.

History: A police sargeant before the outbreak, he lost his entire family and almost all of his colleagues and friends. He survived because he'd been sent to a domestic violence case outside town. He was one of the first people to arrive in Crealey and was put in charge of Team 13 because of his police training and dependable nature.

Any relevant skills: A good, dependable leader. Due to police training and natural ability, has high stamina. Knows how to drive.

Equipment: Police riot sheild, claw hammer, shinpads, combat knife, binoculars, lighter, radio, police riot control helmet

Name: CJ

Age: 16

Appearance: Male. Denim jeans, Eagles of Death Metal T-shirt. Bit short, light-brown hair that hasn't been cut for three years.

Personality: Sarcastic, good natured, bit of a coward. No-one actually knows his real name (CJ is his initials). Likes Rock and Jazz music, no matter how old it is.

History: Prior to the outbreak, CJ didn't do much. Come the outbreak, CJ was in the Lower Sixth at St. Lucia High. After quite a lot of chaos and fighting, he took the cricket bat from his school, the kitchen knife from home and found the Browning on a dead policeman (which he had to decapitate first). He since joined a group of survivors who proceded to the safety of Crealey.

Any relevant skills: Good shot with a pistol. Good runner, and good with computers. Quiet, good at sneaking around (often walking up unnoticed behind people, startling them unintentionally)

Equipment: Thick leather jacket with large collar (protects neck and covers mouth), shinpads, kneepads. Browning 9mm pistol, large kitchen knife, sledgehammer and a police radio. Sunglasses

Name: Olmun Rivers

Age: 62

Appearance: Long white hair, long white bearded, slightly wrinkled face. Actually has a very athletic build. Brown trench coat covering most of his body. Jeans and plain brown shoes (Very beat up and, as Olmun says, "Just about as old as me"). Wears a white shirt, covered in various food stains (He takes off his coat when he eats and uses it as a cushion).

Personality: Insane. Likes eating various things, but likes meat more than anything. Willing to protect those he sees as friends. He has an imaginary friend he talks to and gets advice and moral guidance from called Chuck.

History: Olmun use to serve in the army back in the Falklands War, but was dismissed from duty after attacking his commanding officer, claiming that he had been "Stealing his rations". After he was sent away, he made a life in a small town, living out the rest of his days in peace, practicing with a stick he once found in his yard in the off chance that it may come in handing one day in his son's home. Unfortunately, his own son threw him out. Disgraced by the army and disowned by his own son, he set out to find some place where he could live without having to deal with his "Traitorous Son". He Made his way to Crealey and decided to live the rest of his life there, due to the advice of his good friend Chuck (who incidentally died many, many year back during the war). Unable to afford a house, Olmun lives on the streets, often scrounging threw dumpsters and garbage cans for anything edible. Since the outbreak, he has been recruited into on of the many teams of survivors. Olmun happily accepted, claiming that “At least it’s better than sleeping in a dumpster all day.”

Relevant Skills: Due to his training from the army, Olmun is versed in the use of many different firearms, but shows exceptional skill with the pistol, able to hit someone in the head from over 100 yards away.

From years of unemployment after the army, Olmun has learned to use any long, thin, blunt object as a weapon.

From living on the streets of Crealey for a few years, Olmun knows almost all the knocks and crannies of the town, knowing the best places to hide and how to get from one side of the town to the other without being seen. He also has learned to fashion meals from various discarded refuse, thus has a strong constitution and can pretty much eat anything.

Equipment: A 30", dark blue Crowbar. when held near the curved end, Olmun uses it like a simple weapon, but when he hold the other end, he can use it to drag things on the ground closer to him. helpfull when you dropped your gun and there are several incredibly stupid zombies watching the spot. Can also, on rare ocasions, be us to swing from various hanging...things, or even rafters. basicly anything thin enoguh to get to hooked edge around. Can also be used to climb up more or less smooth ledges and increase reach.
12 cans of beans. To be eaten at a later date. (He looted dumpsters behind the shop. "Can't see why they threw it out, it's only a year past its expiration date...")
Canteen of water. If you don't know what that is for, you should really consider seeking mental help.
A Pocket Knife. Used to carve meat (if found) and opening cans. Olmun has no idea how to use it as a weapon.

Name: Richard "Rick" Tunks

Age: 28

Appearance: In a word, large. Rick is heavy set, in both fat and muscle. He has hazel eyes, which is offset with dark brown hair tidily kept in a crew cut. In further contrast, he tends to wear a large, forest green sweater over anything else he is wearing on his torso, which tends to bring out his eyes. Wears stretch-waist work pants.

Personality: Very simple. His ignorance to ominous doom give him an optimistic, almost quaint charm. For his size, he is surprisingly (yet stereotypically!) gentle and slow to anger. Unless confused, he tends to comply with anything someone he considers 'nice' orders.

History: Before the rising, Rick was a simple security guard (Potentially one of the ones Kaleb worked with, perhaps? I'll leave it open.). It seemed like a proper position, since most complex work proved too difficult for him, and he wasn't quite nimble nor motivated enough to do factory work.

Any relevant skills: Strong as an ox, but other than that, nothing anyone else couldn't do.

Equipment: Armor (kinda) Casually wears steel toed work boots with his pant legs tucked in them, along with a protective vest that doesn't really fit well (though the vest is under the sweater usually). When going out of the safety area, he wears a military helmet and a simple pair of goggles. If he has nothing on hand to cover his mouth, he just pulls his sweater up a bit. Finally, if told to 'gear up' in case of a heavy zombie presence, he would don a pair of blue oven mitts, wrapped in (usually fresh) plastic bags (classy, yet effective).

Weapons Rick doesn't usually carry weapons. He isn't brave enough to engage the zombies direct, and usually resorts to throwing things at them while yelling in a terrified frenzy. Usually big things.

Name: Mark Woods

Age: 17

Appearance: Average height, and average build, with messy medium length hair. Can usually be seen wearing jeans, and a t-shirt, although he also dons a pair of goggles and a heavy scarf whenever going out with the team.

Personality: While in a safe area, Mark can be seen as easy going, yet easily distracted, but while fighting, a year's worth of training will take over, and he'll become focused on the task at hand.

History: One of the original survivors of the St Lucia Incident. Before it, he was just a student in St Lucia, but now he's a member of Team 13. Mark has had experience killing zombies, and has made a living off helping drive them back long enough to secure supplies.

Any relevant skills: Experience fighting zombies. Faster than average speed and stamina. Basic chemistry knowledge.


Armor: Mark wears no heavy armor, to try and keep his overall weight down, letting him run faster. He does use a heavy scarf and an old pair of goggles to protect his face from any blood given off from the zombies.

Weapons: A crowbar or a steel pipe is Mark's main weapon, but he also has a knife hidden in a sheath near his shoe in case of an emergency.

Name: Dylan (A.K.A. Gimpy)


Appearance: 5'10 220 lbs blue jeans t-shirt, gas mask for eye protection (almost useless for air filtration)

Personality:pretty normal lol what can i say

History:lived in Michigan U.S.A was on a hunting trip and unfortunately was stuck in heathrow airport when the outbreak happened. Before the outbreak he was just an average kid; played (American) football, worked at a grocery store etc. nothing much of note

Any relevant skills: possibility of aircraft flight... ok shot with ironsights great shot with scope (rifle is not fitted for a scope)

Equipment: gas mask for eye and mouth protection, 1941 8x54 Mauser 98 rifle (low on ammo but rounds are common in Europe as well as America and my current brass can be reloaded, if I find reloading equipment and gunpowder) also has a backup broken off wheel barrel handle for a last resort close-quarters weapon.

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