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A bunny in the EGS Mayhem forums as well as a 4' talking Chocolate Monkey who has the power to manipulate chocolate, candies, and fruits (as long as it is connected to chocolate or candy in some way) and is a shapeshifter (though always made of chocolate.)

CCCM departed from Mayhem on April 3, 2009.



If you're a minion of mine, please add yourself to the list.

RP Characters

Coming soon...


  • ChewyChunkyChocolateMonkey has the longest name in all the EGS forums. Probably the entire Keenspot board as well.
  • ChewyChunkyChocolateMonkey Has been known to change the way it acts, thinks, and posts pretty much every week or so. Cameo, however, will always see it as it was the first day in the Forums.
  • ChewyChunkyChocolateMonkey's first RP was a simple random battle thread created after watching one of Squato's RP threads, which just so happened to be chock full of autoing and God Moding.
  • ChewyChunkyChocolateMonkey has a split personality.
  • ChewyChunkyChocolateMonkey has a fake eye.

What other Bunnies think of me

Come on, I know you people have something to say about me!

  • I heartily endorse this product and/or service! -Cheez
  • Oh yeah, and minioning for him is good, worthwhile and minty. -Also Cheez
  • Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of Monkey? The Lurker in the Shadows knows! -RichM90071
  • Does he. WHOO NEFARIOUS PLOTS!! I'd offer to minion, but I don't like mint. -LittleBeast
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