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LittleBeast is a bunny who became involved in the EGS forums due to the Crossover Wars. He makes the comic Too Many Authors. He also has a penchant for creating avatars of himself, rather than independent characters, for the MayhemZone(see below)


List of Avatars and their thread, location within, and power(s)

In addition to stated powers, all avatars have the power to teleport themselves out of a "dead" thread or section of a thread and to a more lively one. Also, though they all supposedly have the power of OOC awareness(that is, my knowledge) some of them actually seem to be more like characters in that respect.

  • Beastling: In Fort Mayhem thread, the brawl, power of summoning items.
  • WizzBeast: In Mayhem Subway thread, outside Downtown Station, power of controlling the elements(the four elements, not the PT elements.).
  • Beasteam: In LPW!!!, the Pavilion of Peace, power of being steampunk-y, also has been taught pyromancy.
  • SomeBeast: In Mayhem Mega-Mall, the 327th floor, power as yet undiscovered.
  • NormBeast: In Kylen's Interdimensional Bar, only "power" seems to be an audible narrator.

RPs he GMs

Okay, singular. That being the Dead Rps RP, more properly known as Death of Mayhem. However, it looks as though it'll be pretty massive.

Four Zone Theory

LittleBeast goes by a theory in which all of Mayhem can be divided up into four general zones.

  • RealZone: Where the people behind the computers communicate with each other. Occurs in Real Life or in the OOC of the PosterZone.
  • PosterZone: Where the posters' "main" forum characters (usually their avatar or username) interact. Also is the OOC of the MayhemZone or RPZone. Examples include the newbie intro thread or Invasion Alert. Sometimes overlaps with MayhemZone.
  • MayhemZone: The posters' recurring characters interact here; this is the zone most clearly defined as Mayhem, hence the name. Examples include Fort Mayhem or Ky's Interdimensional Bar.
  • RPZone: Consists of all the various isolated RPs in Mayhem, the characters are usually unique but even when not are independent of any other characters that are "the same" as them. Examples include Parthenon High and most other RP threads.

RP Characters

Random Comments

I'm going to let people make random comments in here. Amazing! BTW, sign it. -LittleBeast

Cooler than rice. Way cooler. Two thumbs up, dude!- Cheez

Cool! Nice job! ~Tadpole

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