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Last Post Wins is a thread on Mayhem where a lot of loose RP takes place, and a lot of lead-taking occurred in the past. It is one of the older threads, and is also currently the longest on all of KeenSpot by far.

It has a younger sibling (read: 'evil twin') in Last Post Loses!!!!!!, though it is not quite so sinister as that.


LPW's Beginnings and a Short History

Last Post Wins was originally a thread devoted to getting the last post, and thus becoming the winner of the thread. This slowly changed as time passed. A "lead" was introduced, and everyone started trying to get the lead in some fashion. By page 500 or so, loose RPing was interspersed with and also containing lead-taking, and many ways of saying the last poster didn't really have the lead had been invented. False leads, holographic leads, teleporting the lead, finding the lead on the ground where the last poster had dropped it, things like that.

By page 1000, lead-taking had become very rare, and the loose RP had pretty much settled in, with parties, plots, and characters.

At this point in time, only old posters who drop in every once in a while and (most) newbies seem to take the lead, as everyone else is caught up in the loose RPing.

A date of note would be the 18 of April 2007 when LPW broke, the winner was OzLionHeart.

A Short Summary of the Current LPW

OK, we've got a Pavilion, a Hotel, Curtains flying left and right, shrunken Lommies, evil Chibis, Gods, Goddesses, whole Pantheons, Epic-Level characters, cross-thread plots, people who've come, left, returned, left again, gone up the creek without a paddle, and turned 'round for nowhere, and a Lead that may or may not exist.

And that's not even scratching the surface. Oh, and it's called LPW!!! by everyone who's... erm... everyone... yeah. We all call it that. NYEH!

...And I'm going to give LPW!!! a duck, just for being LPW!!!

Resident/regular characters

  • RLommy - The real Lommy. "Native" to this world.
  • CLommy2 - His not-so-evil twin, from Carrot..?
  • Lommella - His full-sized female version.
  • Lommina - A permanently-shrunken clone of Lommella. (Look under Lommella's entry for more details.)
  • 2001 - CLommy2's love interest. A small female anthrofeline, with wings.
  • Jeremy - Wise and powerful halfling cleric from another multiverse. Creator of The Pavilion.
  • Kepiena - Sweet halfling girl with pretty dragon wings. Jeremy's daughter.
  • KF-Oz - The Green Flame Catgirl. Has an inexhaustible supply of chocolate fake leads. Likes to cuddle with people, especially Peragrin. Or anyone else who likes to cuddle. Something of a "den mother" to the regulars, particularly the younger ones.
  • Violet - Formerly the lead of the magical butterfly crew in charge of regenerating the Meadow. Now a butterfly-catgirl. She stands about five inches tall, has yellow fur, green hair, and blue eyes... and a butterfly's wings and antennae. Can also affect weather patterns in LPW, with the aid of her butterfly crew.
  • The Camper - Greater Chimera with a unknown past.

"Comes and Goes" Characters

  • ICVOR - VOR's in-game persona. Has been female for a long time. Lives on a rocket-propelled bed, and has a sentient pink goo-creature (Glorph)as a lover.
  • Serendipity (Ser) - Has a cozy house in a valley, is quite a softie.
  • Serenity (Seri) - Also a softie. Ser's twin sister (sort of).
  • Likal - Were-fox explorer, storyteller, and general nice guy.
  • Kinkallia - Likal's older sister, with an affinity for nature.
  • Sable - Uber-powerful semi-crazy mage with a specialty in the Lovecraftian Far Realm.
  • Ta - Warp Aci bound to ChroniclerC. Absurdly multi-dimensional.
  • Whackamole - Resident alchemist. Female at present, and still a Mole.
  • Xena - Daughter of Helen and Squato. Destined for great things, if greatness is inheritable.
  • Peragrin - Winged ladies' man. Fond of snuggling, flying, and sayin' hi to Lommy.
  • Lueten - Talking fox. Sometime IC avatar of ChroniclerC.

New Characters

  • Lara Sabarac-Mage - Plushie catgirl with magical healing powers. One of Alex_Mage's "children". Normally lives at Fort Mayhem, but came here at the request of KF-Oz when the Lommies were injured.
  • Sir MDM the Persistent - The LPW incarnation of same.
  • Origami - A catgirl version of SleepyOrigami from Carrot..?, visiting here. Currently being shown around by KF-Oz.
  • Latmerius - A Space Marine of the Swords of Latium chapter. Exactly how he appeared in LPW is currently unknown.

Inactive Characters

  • Author-Bat - Anthro-bat version of Author-Man. Slightly more talkative than the carrot..? version.
  • Author-Cthulhu - The biggest dude on the block. Devours the souls of pizza.
  • Authorette-Cat - Catgirl version of Author-Man. Likes to glomp and cuddle, apparently.
  • Author-Vixen - Wants desperately to be either evil, or Squata. It's best to avoid her when you aren't in the Pavilion O' Peace. Currently in limbo for being a big crybaby and pissing off everyone, including Author-Man.
  • INVOTZ-esque Loztein - Loztein's Character, A multi-formed Demon from across The Eighth Sea.
  • KFPB - Your average Jo (as in Josephine, seeing as she's female) Grim Reaper.
  • Lord Spectre - Lord of Elsewhere Castle, a sane yet benevolent genius.
  • Mr. Whim - Servant of Lord Spectre
  • Warlof - The ball of light in charge of keeping balance in the universe.
  • Sylver - Robotic dog from another forum. He has a soul, but nobody knows why.
  • FH Joat Delia - Mad scientist from another forum. Sylver’s creator.
  • Dayantis - The guy with the thing.
  • Dame HelenNet - Winged ladies' man's lady. Wears leather, hurts you if you question her orders.
  • Squato - Impregnated HelenNet. Stops by every now and then to check up on Xena.
  • Draco Blazer - Also Epic. Joat’s best friend and, when need be, sense of logic.
  • May Cottontail - Easter Bunny. Once referred to decapitating an evil dragon as “elegant” (or was it “subtle”?).
  • Leon Minnis - Character of lawful alignment, which is quite a rarity.
  • Pan - Stuffie (whatever that means). Can talk. Not a dragon.
  • Vincent Vailo - Redeemed villain. Epic. Not a dragon, but a damned fine villain before he went soft.
  • Sevilin - Se-vi-lin! Goddess in… not disguise! One of the more inattentive gods.
  • Joseph - Minor god of transformation.
  • Norri - She’s a goddess, but with all her gadgets, she doesn’t need divine magic.
  • ChibiVOR - The aforementioned Evil Chibi. Likes to plot the downfall of Lommy and Sage.
  • Lemurteam - An infinite number of transdimensional lemurs who've developed a hivemind.
  • Frike Nyanthisa - An evil necromancer who happens to be a loving and devoted husband and father.
  • Lyse Nyanthisa - His wife/familiar.
  • Butler - His butler. It's also his name, though. Butler the butler. Oh, and he's a ghost.
  • Dimitri Dul Neru - An old friend of Frike's. He's a green dragon-turned-Vampire-Lord.
  • Setsuna - A green-haired, slightly overweight catgirl. She's a bit shy, and has some self-esteem issues.
  • Salmartia - Really powerful mage, currently visiting Dimitri.
  • Mr. Fluffles - One cooool cat.
  • Rihal - Psicrystal. Cute little chunk o' floating shininess. Can talk in your head.
  • Ajac - Your basic pseudo-omnipotent being, bound by the laws of Non-Interference.
  • Alatrahazar - Ajac's reformed-demon servant.
  • Malachy (Mal) - A half-celestial niceguy who's not afraid to break some faces if need be.
  • Melina (Mel) - His sisterish lady.
  • Ganurath - Magic user. Recently moved in near the former Lair of the FRE.
  • The Tourist - Kinda like a non-immortal male Salmartia, only crossed with some Kender fearlessness. Human, carrying around tonnes of magical gear.
  • Beasteam - A steampunk avatar of LittleBeast.
  • Dave(Davecom3) - A brown-haired, blue-eyed catboy. May have a tendency to either be tactless or intelligent, never certain which one. A bit shier than Debra.
  • Debra - Dave's alter-ego, a brown-haired, blue-eyed catgirl, who was split off from Dave by the Dewitchery Diamond. More free with her actions, less likely to say something tactless, but has had a habit of hammering Dave, which now, she may not be so free on.
  • Beede - Looks like a marble. Thinks like a human. Ripped out of his world without warning, and trying like hell to get back to it before it's too late... (no spoiler for you! :P )
  • Courtney Daymine - Mutant girl from another universe, arrived in LPW by accident. Her only fear is that one day, she might have to return home...
  • Hel - Teenage version of a death goddess from Norse mythology. Currently in anthrofeline form. Enjoys cuddling, especially with Courtney.
  • Lucas - Kitten of Adorable Doom.
  • Akiva - Cutest thing since our local Jyrras left.
  • Joat Delia - Is Epic as all-get-out. Fond of crossthread storylines.
  • Kalin Molotov - A previously human healer/mage member of a mercenary group known as Triblades. He was transformed into a water ferret when he was transported here, and now carries a different staff from what he held in his home dimension.
  • Vladimir Gerut - An human changed into an ottsel when he was transported across dimensions by some unknown means. He and his friends hope to find out the mysteries of his arrival.
  • Kapl - A cowardly kobold with surprisingly good combat skills.
  • Maxine Marimote - Mechanically-inclined pilot of the Windfeather.
  • Pandora Box - Mimic typically in the shape of a squirrel, wielding a tiny magic hammer. Cleric of thor.
  • Evan - A fire mage who recently arrived from a distant Empire. Carries with him a 2-handed sword called Azure Fang.
  • Kalga - Ctarl-Ctarl mage. Very powerful.
  • Bain - Ctarl-Ctarl An Ice Mage. Curently has no clue whats going on.
  • Rina - Just randomly strolled in, seeking/offering chocolate and inquiring as to the location/purpose/existence of LPW.
  • Mind-controlled-bunny@_@ - He accidently walked into LPW through his closet. He now is searching for the portal back.
  • Nathan - A lycan anthrosquirrel who came from another dimension.
  • Natalie - Nathan's DWD-created twin.
  • Izzy - came from Nathan's dimension, and from the same evil scientists.
  • John - Nathan and Natalie's father.
  • Cathay - Chamon Zee Cathay, an alien shape-shifting blob that is one of the first few to leave his home, and he doesn't even know how he did it. He can only change by stealing features from people.
  • Maha - A Wanderer well versed in Magic. Currently becoming evil with the help of Dark Mel...well maybe...
  • Zen - A light Mage who also has quite a good ability with his Katana, his magic is proposed to come from his star shaped scar on his forehead, his light magic is unlimited as long as hope shines through (aka, his scar shines white.). His eyes have a trancing effect on most people.
  • Elkie - Illusionist/diviner of the Falchu race. Resembles a red Vivu made of jello, though does not have the same properties as such.
  • "Minion" - Not to be confused with the uryuom of the same name (it's coincidence, I assure you). This mysterious man wields TF Bracers and gives out "Minion" as a nickname. His real name is not yet known.
  • Emma - Black-colored baby dragon. Has a phobia of humans, though she is slowly recovering.

Major Locations

Map not to scale.

  • The Pavilion of Peace - Nothing bad can happen there, and you can't teleport directly into it.
    • The Dollhouse - Home of the Lommies.
  • The Elpeadabayou River - connects the Romantically Picturesque Mountains, the Valley, the Meadow, Lake Obligatory and the rest of the Dark Forest to the Sea.
  • The Beach - Back in fashion.
    • The LPW Hotel - In current disuse. Now re-open after the mysterious explosion.
    • 5 Star Family Restaurant - Not currently on the map. This establishment can be found in the southern part of the Beach, near the river delta. The barman is called Mat, by the way. You may also find a certain catgirl waitress there at times.
    • Moritanian Citadel - Actually on the grassy bit that borders the Forest. Built by Eve and Hail for the crews of the Excelsior and the Intrepid.
    • Persistence Hall - Home of the LPW incarnation of Sir MDM the Persistent. Also located on the grassy area.
  • The Snowfield - Site of epic snow fights which pit technology against the GODS THEMSELVES! The surface is currently uninhabitable due to Dark Magic. Or is it?
    • The Snowfield Tunnels - A maze-like series of catacombs and caves.
    • Mal's Ice Palace - Malachy lives here.
    • Kepiena's "Castle" - A house built in a cloud. Fliers welcome.
  • The Dark Forest - Site of serious plot-lines and dark dank deep darknesses that eat you. Feel free to drop random encounters on anyone that enters here. Also, SQUIRRELS!!!1! Most of the trees closest to the Beach are beeches.
    • Dimitri's Citadel - It's Dimitri's home. Currently being taken over by Squirrels.
    • Fort Dark Forest - Ajac's fortification in the Dark Forest. Destroyed by the Fey, so now just ruins.
    • Lake Obligatory - The obligatory spooky lake. Very spooky. Also, contains:
      • Various Islands
      • Obligatory Island/Vieux Island - The largest island in the Lake, named by Ajac. A small settlement of refugees from Ser's homeworld can be found here.
  • The Romantically Picturesque Mountains. Currently being dominated by a Narrative Storm generated by Ajac's and Dimitri's duel.
    • The Nyanthisa Estate - A massive mansion/tunnel complex/rolling mountainous estate owned by Frike and family.
  • The Valley - Nice place, contains Ser's house. Still slightly contaminated with Dark Magic, though largely liveable now.
    • Ser's House - May contain Ser and/or Seri.
    • Kool's Mansion - Not on the map and not really in the Valley. Instead, it's on the mountains between the Snowfield, the Dark Forest, the Valley, and the Meadow. Has everything a large mansion needs, including a terrace with a perfect view of the Romantically Picturesque Mountains. Also has a portal to the beach front(no place specific as of yet).
    • John's Residence. Yep, it's not yet on the map. Description wise, it's a very, VERY large mansion. Over the gate is an intricate sign reading: "John's Residence".
  • The Meadow - A grassy field with lots of flowers.
    • Lily Pond - A pond with lilies in it.
  • The Eighth Sea - Connects to every other sea, if you know how to read the stars right.
    • HMMS Excelsior, a 110-gun first-rate ship of the line. On an important mission.
    • The Desert Island Base - Home and nest of Shadow and his parroty love interest, and their half-breed progeny. Most of whom ARE dragons.
    • The Misty Isles - Tropical volcanic island chain. Currently being conquered by Lyse.
      • The Former Lair of The FRE - He moved out. This space for rent. Real cheap.
  • Outer Space
    • The Hammer o' Justice - Intelligent orbital space station. Home of ChibiMe, and has enough weaponry to blow just about anything to just about anywhere. Guests rather unwelcome, you may be scattered particles if you come without an invitation. Currently off-plane (see The Crossover Wars).
    • Lemur Station - Currently headed for Alpha Centauri. Home of King Lir of the lemurs and some of Lemurteam's favorite appendages.
    • Sky's Nest - It's on (or rather, in) the moon. Home of Sky (DRAGON!) and VOR (flying kitty), and their eggs.
    • The Evil Lair of Evil - Home of Voey, VOR's evil twin sister, and the REUs. It's on Europa.
    • The Vile Lair of Evil - Home of Saturn, Voey's draconic evil love interest.
    • The Good Lair of Good - Home of Eddie, Voey's other good twin brother. He's not a dragon.
    • Uranus - It's pretty big, even compared to major planetary bodies. And it's always been a bit gassy fer my tastes.
  • Elsewhere Castle - A castle that's always elsewhere when trouble knocks, or tries to bash down the door.
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