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OzLionHeart (often called "Oz" for short) is a bunny. And an anthrofeline. How this works is a matter for speculation.

On the forums he tends more towards the lurking habit (partly due to a shyness level rivalling that of Drow Bunny), preferring to glide through the various threads as they take his fancy, occasionally posting in one or other of the various games, or observing the goings-on in LPW from the safety of "LurkSpace" (a region much like the OOCZone, except more so). In spite of this, he is currently involved in no less than five RPs, much to his own surprise.

On occasion, he has been known to sneak in and perform "ninja cleanups" of other people's articles on this wiki.

Rumors of him having a life outside the forum persist, in spite of a lack of any supporting evidence.



Oz's characters tend to move around a great deal, often hopping from thread to thread for one reason or another.

Active Characters

Inactive Characters


  • OzLionHeart chose his username as a play on his real first name, Richard (hence "LionHeart'); the "Oz" (for Australia, where he lives) was added as the name "LionHeart" was apparently already taken.
  • He is a fan of the Ed Bunny Mysteries, despite having not appeared in them.
  • He is also a fan of the Heroes of Mayhem fanfic, among others. He has not so far appeared in any of those, either.
  • He is having way too much fun writing articles for this Wiki.
  • He is going to notice this alteration to his page sooner or later.
  • He is fairly certain who the culprit is for the above alteration, but has chosen to leave it because it amused him. (It has now been confirmed that eternaljwh is the one responsible.)
  • He has read every page of LPW, and one of his characters has taken up residence there.
  • He has recently taken to reading Carrot..?, and occasionally posts there. If you say his name three times in the thread, he will respond.
  • He has, on occasion, drawn stuff. Some of it can be seen at http://lionheartau.deviantart.com. He also takes photos, some of which can also be seen there.
  • He has taken full credit (or blame, whichever applies) for the naming of the League Of Extraordinary Author-Men.
  • He won Anti-Paragon's April Fools award for his response to a gag in MKRP.
  • Pic by Brylian_Troy
  • Will be appearing in an upcoming installment of MDM's Mayhem FanFic.
  • Has now opened an RP of his own - O'Lionheart's Trans-dimensional Pub. Come on in today!
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