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It's happened to you. You spend a long time(or even a little time) making a backstory, personality, etc. etc. for your character... And then the RP dies.

Well this is an outlet for that. A place where characters from dead RPs can hang out and possibly even do Mayhem some good.





There is an organization in Mayhem. A somewhat large yet undiscovered organization. One branch of this organization has the job of monitoring RPs, watching the activity, and noting when they die. One of the executives in this branch has the job title "Death of Mayhem".
Another executive in this branch, job title "Eyes of Mayhem", is the chief in the monitoring department, and also has good critical and tactical thinking skills. Seeing all the RPs which perished over the years, he began to consider useful things they contained and how he might utilize them.
His conclusion was this: Make a team of characters from the dead RPs and have them obtain the items for the organization.
He told the idea to his superiors, who approved and subsequently put him in charge of the project. But this left him in a quandary, for while he had good critical and tactical thinking, his public speaking skills were rather on the other end of the scale. So he went to his colleague and friend, "Death of Mayhem", and asked if he might be his liaison. An arrangement was promptly made.

Occurrences thus far/Current events

The RP has not yet really gotten started.


  • 1. General forum rules apply, obviously.
  • 2. Unless otherwise stated by the GM, each poster may have only two characters in the organization at one time.
  • 3. All characters except "Death of Mayhem" and GM-operated characters must be from a dead RP.
  • 4. Bios may be copied from the original bios, but must include, in addition to standard bio fields, their original RP(or most recent, if they have transferred before) and a short summary of what occurred in the RP, if it is important.
  • 5. When posting, use a Bold location filter stating at least what RP you are in, though sublocations are preferred. However, start from the top - if you simply state a location without an RP, it will be assumed you are in the Hub.
  • 6. Where possible, attempt to make the dead RPs flow about the same as they did whilst alive. This includes, where possible: a. Having the original GM in charge of that thread and b. Having the original posters play their characters. This does NOT include pulling in people otherwise not involved in the RP to GM or play characters in dead threads. However, it does include any other posters autoing or whatever the characters to try to keep to their original spirit. Also note that LittleBeast always has override GMity. If the poster does not wish to GM or RP the character, or if they are not involved in the RP, it will pass to LittleBeast, who may in turn pass it to someone with more familiarity with the character or RP. Also, if the poster does not wish the character to be interacted with at all, they may request 'revival immunity', which will prevent the character from doing anything. Note that this cannot be done with entire threads.
  • 7. All characters will be activated in-character. Please be patient and wait to be activated before posting.

Characters, Posters, and Original RPs

Character Name Bunny Original RP
"Eyes of Mayhem" LittleBeast Originates here
"Death of Mayhem" Ajac Originates here
Various Hub personnel/occupants Mostly Littlebeast Originate here
Leah Cunningham Whackamole Meta-Human Twilight RP
Dodi Whackamole MFPCT
James Calliger Guessmyname A Cursed Few
Joanna Killgore Guessmyname Elements RP
Cypress Acacia Author-Man Fae RP
Bellflower Acacia Author-Man Fae RP
Marco and Marci Marcellis Piebunny Several RPs

(comes with puppet, Akuri)

twilightdusk Chibi-Puppeteers RP
Drayco D. Zaraka Drayco One Piece RP 2.0
Roan Zaraka Drayco One Piece RP 2.0
May Matthlord KH2 RP
Morgen Queller Zacair Mages: The Awakening
Connor Izauku jfan999 Heroes and Villains RP 2.0
Melissa Baker LittleBeast Mages: The Awakening
Esaris ChroniclerC Transgenics RP 2.0
Frost ChroniclerC Transgenics RP 2.0
Tazaromer Namronemer LittleBeast Quest for the sacred Chest of MacGuffin
Fluffy Nokvok Unstated RP
May Zolkov A Fan Mages: The Awakening
Tunep A Fan Golden Sun: Age of Alchemy
Qwerty Initithar catldr24 Omega Battle League
Cory Delone OzLionHeart HHFO Again!
Lennard Lewskin III Nokvok Colonies of Sol
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