Marco and Marci Marcellis

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Marco and Marci Marcellis are twins, who happen to be albino. They appear in four roleplays- the Fifth-Dimensional Hardware Store, Aftermath II RP, Hyperspace RP and Psion RP. They were created by Piebunny. The most amazing thing about them is how they can be in 2012, 2006, 2019 and 2150 simultaneously, and be the same age in each time. Wow.

Marci and Marco.


Marco and Marci in Psion

The incarnations of Marco and Marci appearing in the Psion RP recently moved from Australia to the somewhere-in-Illinois location of Deegan Academy; their powers are precognition and photographic memory, respectively.

Marco and Marci in the Hardware Store

In the Fifth-Dimensional Hardware Store RP, they are much the same as in the Psion RP, but without powers. They live in Misty Valley, Sydney.

Marco is currently missing in fifth-dimensional space.

Marco and Marci in Hyperspace

Fortunately, they are not actually in hyperspace, otherwise they would be dead. They are, however, in the RP. Marci was recently abducted.

Marco and Marci in Aftermath

In Aftermath II, they have powers- Marco can enter a trance-like state and Marci has, like, super-speed. Their teeth are resistant to all forms of decay and their breath is unusually minty-fresh.

Their Reaction to The Da Vinci Code Movie

Both went to see The Da Vinci Code on the day it came out. Marco was slightly irritated at Silas' role as a villain, while Marci, much to her brother's (and the rest of the cinema's) chagrin, cheered him on.

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